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Ty Lee seemed to has identified Zuko because their early youth

Ty Lee seemed to has identified Zuko because their early youth

[12] When she signed up with Azula and you may Mai, [4] they used Zuko and Iroh worldwide trying to capture them. She seemed to take on your without the objections up on their go back from exile, [14] and also vacationed that have him and additionally Mai and you can Azula so you’re able to Ember Isle. [1] When tensions flower, Zuko titled their an effective “circus nut” and you will berated the lady on her countless optimism, leading to the girl to enhance emotional and you may compelling her to reveal the lady reasons for having signing up for brand new circus. She stressed him, as well as the other people, into openly sharing their grounds for his latest rage. Eg her family, Ty Lee sympathized with Zuko’s internal turmoil and you will dilemma. [1] Once she and you may Azula escaped to another gondola while in the a battle with Zuko and his partners, leaving him or her to have deceased, she searched uncomfortable and you can concerned, to possess Zuko that would features fallen to help you their death at this date had it maybe not already been to possess Mai’s quick intervention. [7]

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