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Deliver a phenomenal Customer Experience with comprehensive UX Consulting solutions

With over 20 years of experience and varied specialized employees on board, Infistack focuses on creating customer-centric and user-friendly experiences. Driven by intuitive design and cutting-edge technology, we have been able to deliver tangible business results.

Our team of developers and designers is profound with tech knowledge, thus serving all mediums of companies globally. Sticking to only the latest trends, we can create unique, comprehensive solutions in the UX domain and bring positive user experiences that power corporate environments. With the user experience at the center stage of the industry, Infistack continues to evolve in creating responsive designs along with appealing UI and UX interaction design and an impeccable user experience as one of the top UX consulting companies in India.

Ui Ux Interaction Design

Our Expertise

Being a top UX consulting agency, Infistack opts for a collaborative and interactive design approach to keep the end-user at the heart of all design considerations to drive customer loyalty.

Graphic Designing

Offer graphics designing for apps and websites by understanding the need of the  client’s business.

User Interface design

Our UX designers deliver website layouts and define the best interactive elements for the site, visually and functionally with impeccable UX interaction design.

Mobile First and Responsive Design

Create functional and Responsive Designs that adhere to mobile platforms and various screen devices with outstanding simulation.

Design Language

Vouch for a strong design language that dictates our clients’ brand identity in the form of fonts, styles, icons, etc.


Serve our clientele with the best branding services that create a strong image and a signature style for their products and services to stand out among the competition.

User Research and Analysis

We use a pragmatic approach in user research and analysis that understands the audience and engages them with your offerings. We craft informed user personas that help us discover mental models and impact user’s decision-making processes.

Customer Journey Mapping

We map the user journey across touchpoints across the entire customer lifecycle, focusing on experiences external to the company based on UX interaction design.

Our other offerings include:
  • UI and Interaction Design
  • User Testing
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Rapid and Interactive Prototyping
  • Wireframe & Interactive Prototyping
Our Domain

Businesses That Can Benefit from UX Consulting Solutions

Education & Training
Travel & Hospitality
Real Estate
Why We

Why Brands Choose Infistack for UX Design Services?


We use the best industry practices and UX design concepts.


Our user experience designs are effective, engaging, and easy to use.


Our UX designs are built with standard-compliant at competitive rates.


Our UX designs go through a comprehensive quality assurance test.


With many years of experience in the industry, we have nurtured a varied client base with exceptional deep insights into the user experience.


Our Agile UX design services and development methodology can create intuitive experiences.


With the validation of ideas throughout the process, we keep a reliable track of project delivery.

UX Design

How We Develop UX Design Application Model?

We continue implementing improved versions to meet user expectations, while the business requirements continue to be fine-tuned with UX Interaction Design.

Comprehensive UX Assessment

Understand the business objectives and follow a deep audit of data assets. Then analyze and benchmark the current performance through assessment.

Deep contextual research and holistic planning

Our team follows pain points to design user personas and create wireframes and prototypes to understand customer behavior and sentiments.

On-Point Strategy Implementation and Rapid Rollout

Then our UX experts integrate the UI and UX assets, thus moving towards the technical implementation of the website.

Continuous evaluation, validation, and content migration

Then the website has to go for the next evaluation process, wherein the usability testing is done to get the final validation.

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Do you need to take your UX design to a new level or want to understand your user’s behavior? Then collaborate with Infistack, a veteran User Interface Design Firm that offers comprehensive UI and UX consulting services to improve your UX experience. We have an experienced-led team of UX consultants and designers that can play a big role in making you realize your strategic opportunities and generating results for you. With proven, rapid, and agile methodology, we can streamline the delivery within the timeline and budget. As a leading UX design services provider, our expert UX consultants are ready to tackle your next project and helping your organization in navigating the digital landscape. Our transparent and collaborative approach is open from day one as we give priority to customer satisfaction.

So, get in touch and get started today with Infistack, a User Interface Design consultancy with complete UX consulting services. We focus on creating the best user experience for customers built on research, data, and user journey expertise.

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