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Transform your imagination into real Android applications with us – the best Android application development company

Building an application for the Android platform is challenging, considering several smartphones run on it. These smartphones have different sizes and specifications that lead to compatibility issues. So, you need to find an Android app development firm that efficiently resolves this issue.

Infistack is a firm with capable and innovative Android app development outsourcing services. We create a custom Android experience for your users to help you increase revenues. Not only do you get many features and capabilities, but you have a secured solution to drive business growth.

By associating with us, you can access the most advanced technologies for professional Android app development. Our professional team of skilled Android programmers works on your apps to meet your needs. You can find relevant services for developing Android phones, tablets, and wearable apps.

Smart Android Mobile Applications!

Outsourcing Android App Development: What We Offer?

You are in safe hands with Infistack – the best Android application development company. This is because you get end-to-end services in custom Android app design and development. You will never have complaints about any of our Android solutions and services.

You can partner with us for any or all of the following Android native mobile app development:

Android mobile app development services

Our developers have relevant expertise in Android app development. We build applications for Android phones after finalizing a design with you. We incorporate the latest trends and fashions in mobile app designs. You get a visually captivating user interface, high-end features, and customized application to suit your needs.

Android tablet app development services

Do your target audiences have an Android tablet? And you wish to reach them through their tablets? We help you build feature-enriched and functionality-endowed apps on Android tablets. These apps have eye-catching designs and engaging UI to create extraordinary user experiences.

Android wearable app development services

As one of the most preferred Android app development companies, we also build apps for wearable. The demand for wearable is increasing over time, and you must also exploit this market to increase your revenues. We create customized, innovative, and striking applications for your android wearable-using audience. Your users enjoy an amazing experience with the app functionalities.

Android support services

One of our key enterprise Android app development offerings is end-to-end support for Android apps. Whether we develop these or a third party, we can help you with support services. We have period-specific maintenance and support programs to improve your app’s performance. These programs include security updates, version upgrades, performance optimization, quality assurance, bug removal, and feature addition.

Android UI/UX development services

As a native Android app development company, we also help you with UI/UX development in Android. You can find an extensively engaging and intuitive user interface. Our developers’ expertise ensures your customers enjoy the app’s buttons, color, layout, font, and graphics. All these make your app easy to navigate, straightforward, and more responsive. With such aesthetically appealing UX features, we guarantee an incredible experience.

Android migration services

Impressed with Android’s features and benefits? Let’s migrate your app to Android. Our migration services guarantee no data loss risk and performance issues. You can enjoy a seamless migration to the latest version of Android.

When to Choose Custom Android App Design and Development?

Android mobile application development

When you have:

  • An efficient mobile operating system
  • Universal appeal
  • Several stunning design choices
  • Unlimited tools, plugins, and widgets
  • A comprehensive tech stack
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • High level of functionalities
  • Rich features

Who would not be interested in developing apps on such a dependable operating system? Its popularity and use across the world make it a preferred mobile operating system. So, if you are looking for popularity of your app with low investment but high ROI, consider Android. 

You can achieve a high level of customization and develop intuitive functions. With Android, you can ensure frequent updates and feature additions to your app. The Google backing to Android lends quality, security, and capability to your app. 

So, you must choose custom Android app design and development when you want to impact millions of users with your idea. And if you are confused about who will help you with outsourcing Android app development, you have the best option – Infistack. We help you harness the maximum benefits from Android for your business growth.

Wish to see your business idea turn into a concrete application endowed with capabilities?

Partner with us for effective, innovative, and custom Android app development services.

Our Expertise as an Android App Development firm

Before you partner with us for outsourcing Android app development, you must know our capabilities. You must be sure of what we have achieved for our customers in the past. Also, you must know what promises we make to you as your Android partner.

You can check our expertise from the customer testimonials in our varied services. Also, we have provided Android app development outsourcing to clients in industries such as:

  • Real estate
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Banking and insurance
  • Payments
  • Travel
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Gaming
  • Automotive
  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Education
  • Media
  • Entertainment
  • And many more

You name an industry, and our developers have built an app for it. Also, these apps are for businesses of different sizes. Be it a startup or a large enterprise with a strong foothold in the market. We have served various businesses in Asia, Europe, and the USA. 

Our expertise over the years helps you increase your audience reach through our enterprise Android app development. You can attract them with your apps and engage with them with a remarkable UI. Thus, you can have an impactful presence in the market. And keep improving your game.

Benefits of our Enterprise Android App Development?

You know the benefits of developing an app on Android. And we know the way to harness the maximum benefits for your needs. So, it is obvious to select the best native Android app development company for your app requirements. You get the following benefits by partnering with us for custom Android app development:

  • Whatever industry you are in and your business size, we can develop customized Android apps for you.
  • Communication is the key to building customer relationships. We understand that and implement it in our process. You get frequent on-time updates on our Android app development outsourcing project for its entire lifecycle.
  • We start with consulting services to understand your requirements and expectations. Based on this, we create a plan and a technical specifications document. Thus, the app culminates your vision and our Android expertise. 
  • Your app aligns with the Android trends in terms of payments, navigation, data sharing terms, visual elements, and user experience. Thus, you users will have an easy use of the application, guaranteeing you success. 
  • You can always count on us for our support services after the professional Android application development. Technical assistance, operational support, and maintenance services are our guarantees. 
  • When we take up your outsourcing Android app development project, you can focus on your core operations. We handle the end-to-end project execution with no disturbance to your usual operations. Your involvement in feedback and opinions on iterations are welcome. 
  • You get the assurance of unique and innovative Android solutions that address your business pain points from our developers.
  • You get access to a professional team of consultants, programmers, and developers. This team has relevant skills, certifications, and experience in custom Android app design and development. They also keep themselves abreast of the latest trends and tools in Android. 
  • You get quality-assured Android solutions because we conduct continuous tests to identify flaws and improve. Also, our user acceptance testing increases your customers’ value when the app is finally launched. 
  • Last but not least, you do not get only one Android service but a host of them. Be it developing apps for Android smartphones, wearable, or TVs, or migrating to Android, we cover it all. 

All these benefits make us one of the most preferred Android app development companies. So, make a call to us, and let’s listen to your requirements.

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How do we perform Android Native Mobile App Development?

If you are looking for professional Android application development, Infistack is the place to be. Ours is a short and crisp results-oriented approach. The aim is to deliver the app of your dreams that helps you meet business goals. Here is the step-by-step procedure for our Android native mobile app development:

Understanding your idea

This step is the most crucial because it shapes the application. Our business analysts and consultants try to get to know you better. We research your market of operations and the industry in detail. We conduct stakeholder interviews and discussions with your team to understand the following:

  • The audience you want to target with this app
  • Existing applications in the market by competitors or by companies in some other geography
  • Your business model
  • Touchpoint with customers
  • The USP you have or wish to develop over your competitors 
  • Any preference for programming languages, platforms, frameworks, technologies, and tools
  • Budget and timelines

Information on all these points gives us a better idea of what app you are looking for.


Now is the stage to analyze your requirements gathered in the first stage. Based on your answers, we make a list of the technical specifications. Also, we make a detailed plan of our development roadmap. You will get to know the project’s costs, schedules, and resources.

Designing the app

Our Android app development outsourcing process reaches the design stage. Our developers use their expertise in Android to design the UI/UX. We also prepare the architecture and structure of the app. We understand you want a stunning-looking app with smooth functioning. As an expert Android app development firm, we focus on these aspects.

We also create prototypes and mockups to give you a better idea of how the app will look like. The wireframes of each screen can make it clearer. You can see the compatibility between the looks and functionality to improve user experience.

Development and testing

We write the code and prepare the main layout of the application. We have the technical architecture ready and the technology stack and tools with us. Using these, we create the backend, frontend, and the APIs. 

We also run several tests on the app parallel to its development to ensure its top-quality performance. We check the app for functionality, security, consistency, usability, user experience, and many more aspects. Testing ensures your app is 100% bug-free before the launch.

Deployment and maintenance

We deploy the app to your server and app stores. Post-deployment, we also provide maintenance and support services. We check for updates, test bugs, add features, optimize performance, and provide support on its use.

Infistack- Best Android Application Development Company

How about getting some attention from the Android market? Desire that? We make that happen with our custom Android app design and development.

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We craft applications for your specific needs. Suiting your industry of operations. And helping you achieve your goals. Before all this, our enterprise Android app development consulting services recommend the best solution for your requirements. The result is a solid, secure, and efficient Android application. 

You can see our apps loaded with the best advanced technologies and tools. You can find all the features and capabilities you want to have in your app. The added assurance of security, flawless performance, and an excellent customer experience add to the benefits. 

So, get a high return on your investment in outsourcing Android app development to us. 

With us, you get customized and high-quality applications. You also get access to expertise in post-deployment support services. And these qualities make us the best Android application development company.


Android App Development Outsourcing FAQs

By outsourcing Android app development, you get technological competency in Android. The development partner can customize the app based on your needs. You get high-quality design, smooth development, bug testing, quality assurance, and support services. You can enjoy state-of-the-art development with security, performance, and scalability assurance.

There is no defined cost for custom Android app development. We determine the cost depending on your requirements and technical specifications required in the app. The complexity of the application, project scope, and how soon you want the app also contribute to project costs.

Android native mobile app development has the following benefits:

  • Easy customization per your needs
  • Competent and feature-rich app
  • User-friendly interface
  • Variety of tools, widgets, and resources
  • High return on investment
  • Highly flexible and adaptable
  • Universal appeal and reach
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