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Technological advancements are happening across the financial services industry in huge numbers. It has adopted trending technologies and made considerable strides in growth, resulting in faster, better, and more effective financial transactions. Fintech solutions lead to more transparency, compliance, cost-effectiveness, and growth.  Infistack is one of the best fintech companies in India, serving clients worldwide. Our robust fintech solutions are equally meant for startups, medium and small enterprises, and big MNCs. Be in banks, financial institutions, or investment organizations; all our clients trust our cutting-edge fintech solutions.

As a fintech app development company offering comprehensive solutions to clients, consider partnering with us. We help you with financial technology excellence to bring a transformation to your business. We provide a range of applications and solutions to lend you a competitive advantage over your peers.

Fintech Solutions we offer

Infistack is a fintech app development company providing secure, compliant, and innovative fintech products. We align you with the digital trends in the market with our innovative solutions and consulting services. Our fintech solutions deliver data security, high ROI, and operational efficiency to push your business towards growth.

Following are the several fintech solutions we offer:

Expense management solution

Managing all your business expenses in one place under different categories is a cumbersome process. To resolve this issue, we develop customized expense management solutions accessible from anywhere and anytime. You can create different categories of expenses and have a complete view of them for making decisions.

Digital wallet solution

Infistack makes its consumers’ life more manageable with digital wallet solutions. You can use it for making payments while shopping, store gift cards, and earn loyalty rewards. Also, it facilitates bill payments, money transfers, and mobile recharges. You never have to worry about the security of your personal information or money; we ensure everything.

Compliance solution

We help banks and other financial institutions to achieve compliance with relevant regulations. Our robust compliance solutions make your compliance easier, more timely, and smoother. It helps you monitor loads of data, detect fraud, mitigate potential risks, and secure your data. It also helps authenticate user identity to enhance threat detection and combatting initiatives.

Custom financial solution

To develop a uniqueness in your approach and impress customers, you can avail of custom financial solutions from Infistack. Our custom financial solutions are tailored to your needs to streamline your operations. It will improve data management, generate insights using analytics, and help you in decision-making. With the possibility of integration with legacy platforms, you improve processes and achieve higher ROI.

Loan management solution

Our loan management solution allows you to streamline the loan processing workflow. It makes the following steps automated and hence, efficient:

  • Applying for loan
  • Approval after screening
  • Loan disbursement
  • Loan calculations
  • Tracking e-payments and other transactions
  • Monitoring portfolio performance

It can track any type of loan in an unlimited number of branches for multiple clients. It can be integrated with accounting systems and third-party collection agencies for swift processes. We also provide the features of business intelligence, reporting, and performance tracking.

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Our expertise as one of the leading fintech companies in India

Infistack has been a pioneer in the development of several technology solutions and services. We have been providing solutions to companies in different industry sectors to resolve their pain points. We have also succeeded as a fintech app development company with multiple successful products in the market.

Our expertise lies in the following:

  • We are committed to bringing innovativeness in the fintech space; therefore, keep improving our knowledge in the fintech space.
  • We cater to every business need of our clients in the fintech space with our efficient solutions and services.
  • We have a comprehensive suite of fintech solutions in our kitty to resolve the pain points of several industry sectors.
  • The combination of best-of-the-class technologies and global best practices ensures a quality solution for our clients.
  • We help you reinvent how you invest, pay, buy, and conduct any financial transaction without hassles.
  • Our integration services enable the integration of fintech solutions with your existing business software.
  • Our fintech solutions are enhanced with analytics, security, and compliance features to make your operations easier.

Our process for fintech software development services

As one of India’s most reliable fintech startups, we follow a results-driven approach to developing solutions. We keep innovating and imbibing global best practices to serve the fintech ecosystem’s growth ambitions. Our fintech solutions fall in the categories of lending, trading, insurance, banking, payments, regulatory and compliance, and digital currency.

The steps we follow for rendering our fintech software development services are:

Research and consulting

The first step is understanding your pain points or operational loopholes that need to be solved. We consult you on the possible solutions that can address your needs. We brainstorm the solution and prepare a proper plan for its development.

Customer experience analysis

The next step is understanding customers’ reactions to potential fintech solutions. For this, we research the existing similar solution in the market and try to comprehend users’ opinions about it. We can also interview a sample of customers to know their experience and expectations from such a solution.

Fintech solution development

Our developers prepare a technical document, followed by a prototype, to give the clients an idea of the solution. We collect your feedback on every feature and functionality to use in the final development process. Now, we use the latest advanced technologies and industry best practices to build the final fintech solution.

Deployment and go-live

Your fintech solution addressing your needs is ready. We test it on all aspects to ensure good performance, security, high functionality, and no errors. Once it is all good, we deploy the fintech solution and go live with it.

Maintenance and support services

Our association with our clients does not end at the implementation of the solution. We ensure that the solution runs as expected and faces no issues months after going live. We ensure proper maintenance, upgrades of the software, security upgrades, and other support services to our clients.

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Fintech software development FAQs

Fintech (financial technology) means and includes technology used to facilitate financial transactions for businesses. That means any type of applications, software, tools, and technologies used to help businesses and consumers in their financial transactions. Mobile payment applications, trading platforms, the world of cryptocurrency, etc., are examples of fintech.

Fintech solutions are systems, applications, or software that make financial transactions easier. Such solutions help businesses make their transactions more straightforward, accessible, and affordable. Fintech solutions help companies become more inclusive with the provision of services to even remote locations.

Yes, Infistack is one of the best fintech companies in India because of its innovative and efficient fintech solutions. We have the right set of fintech solution developers who deliver according to client needs. We have reshaped the fintech landscape with our advanced technologies and results-driven approach. Our end-to-end secure solutions speak of the expertise we have developed in this space serving many businesses.

Earlier, the traditional banking system involved customers lining up in queues to complete their transactions. But, over a while, transactions are conducted online or over the mobile. The incorporation of technological innovations in the infrastructure of financial institutions has revolutionized the sector. Innovative business models and the incorporation of artificial intelligence and blockchain have reshaped it. Some examples include UPI transactions, mobile payment systems, online trading platforms, cryptocurrency, etc.

Infistack uses best-of-the-class technology and expert and experienced developers to provide high-performing fintech solutions to clients. We make solutions that streamline your processes, making them fast, accurate, and cost-effective. We improve your time-to-market, increase scalability, and provide support throughout. You do not have to worry about your legacy systems since we integrate them with our fintech solutions during deployment.

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