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Enjoy seamless operations of new-age applications with our .net development services

Complex applications are in demand nowadays. Businesses need applications customized to their needs. Applications that have several capabilities to perform different functions. So, you need a framework that can cater to such requirements and can bring your business digitalization. And the .net framework suits perfectly.

Infistack, with its .net development services, can ensure these capabilities to your systems. We are a leading ASP .net development company in India with global clients. We incorporate the latest trending technologies to develop modernized apps for your business.

You can explore our services and expertise further to know how we can help you in custom .net development.

Net Development Company

Our Offerings for .net development Services

As a distinguished .net development company, we provide a range of services based on your needs. Whether you need an app for your desktop or mobile or just migrating the existing app to .net, we manage both. You can partner with us for integration services, maintenance and support programs, or app modernization.

You can find the following ASP .NET development services:

.net enterprise development

Your unique demands are our list of technical features of the app. We listen to these requirements and build enterprise solutions that suit them. These needs define whether your app will be cloud-based, microservices, or multi-tier. You always get a guarantee of feature-rich, secure, and fast-performing applications that grow as your demands increase.

.net migration services

Your legacy applications need a change of framework to improve their performance and capabilities. We help you migrate them to .net. Also, we provide migration services from on-premises to cloud, desktop to web, and web to mobile applications. You can also shift your app to the latest .net version through our migration services.

But don’t worry about losing any controls, data, or dependencies. We ensure no disruptions to your business through reliable and smooth migrations. Not only do we retain the functionalities of the existing app, but we make them better and more optimized. We ensure this by assessing the app’s compatibility with .net before migrating.

Quality assurance services

We assure you app quality through continuous maintenance and support services. You can partner with us for frequent maintenance programs to make app operations seamless. Your .net-based applications, whether developed by us or any third party, can benefit from these services.

Our quality monitoring programs also add value to your applications. We monitor your app’s security, usability, performance, and functionality regularly. Based on the identified loopholes, we make improvements to ensure hassle-free operations.

.net integration services

Ever felt your .net application needs more features? Or, do you want to extend its functionality? It’s possible with our .net development outsourcing.

We integrate your solution with third-party tools, plugins, widgets, and APIs to endow it with more features. You can add payment gateways, databases, or customized business-specific modules to make them richer. We also improve user interfaces, enhance functionality, and develop APIs. Such customizations make your app more scalable, secure, and flexible, adding value to your operations.

Custom .net mobile app development

You can use the .net framework even for the development of mobile apps for Android and iOS. This is possible through UI customization for devices using iOS and Android. These can be native apps for iOS and Android to harness native benefits. Or these can be cross-platform apps to achieve cost and time efficiencies and improve reachability.

.net app modernization

Do your older apps require more maintenance? Or are they not performing to the best of their capabilities? Also, is it getting difficult to integrate them with advanced tools? The best solution in these cases is to modernize the legacy apps.

We update the software for you and bring it on .net while restoring documentation. We amend its code and infrastructure, improve UI and UX, and update the tech stack. This ensures it performs its expected, designed functions with improved efficiency and effectiveness. Your apps enjoy better speed, more usability, less costs, and enhanced performance. Thus, you can give your users the desired high performance.

.net cloud application development

Our developers also excel in developing multi-tenant .net cloud applications. Cloud-based solutions improve its scalability and reduce maintenance costs. You can also enjoy better collaboration, remote work, and improved backup management. Cloud solutions help you respond to market demands as and when the need arises to make customers happy.

Have an application idea?

Let’s convert it into a digital product. Partner with us for .net application development services.

Our Experience in Providing ASP Net Development Services

Our .net application development services are one of the best among our peers. The timeliness and accuracy of our services take us a notch above others. This is because of complete, end-to-end planning for your project focussing on your specific requirements.

Let us prove our experience in ASP .net development services to you:

  • You will find our involvement in every stage of application development. After partnering with you, we start with ideation and requirements gathering. We analyze these requirements and plan the project. After this, we design, develop, test, and deploy the application, followed by support services.
  • Customization is our USP. We customize the application per your needs. We integrate the app with third-party APIs and widgets to give your desired functionalities.
  • You get access to an expert team of highly skilled and experienced .net developers, programmers, and architects. Our developers have developed different types of apps for businesses in different industries.
  • You get the guarantee of quality and on-time delivery by associating with us. Due to our expertise in .net development services, we complete our projects well on time. Our developers’ proficiency and use of advanced technologies ensure quality solutions.
  • You can outsource .net development to our team without fear of data loss. We ensure the highest levels of security for your information and requirements. We sign an NDA with our clients with strict compliance with terms and conditions.
  • You will always find up-to-date information on your app development project. We allocate a single point of contact to give you updates on the project and get your feedback.
  • You can find a solution for a myriad of industries. Be it manufacturing, education, healthcare, transportation, retail, eCommerce, banking, or finance, we provide ASP .net development services to all.
  • Your apps deserve an excellent and productive UI and UX. Through our best practices in custom .net development, we provide you with an excellent look and feel of the app.
  • Besides providing you with high-performing solutions, you can also expect a good ranking of your websites and apps. Our developers ensure clear coding in .net and simple navigation to help in SEO. The user friendliness and responsiveness of UI designs also help optimize search engines.
Dot Net Development Services

What’s best about .net Application Development Services?

You must be thinking, why .net? Why must you use .net to develop applications?

Microsoft developed .net. It is an open-source, object-oriented language. The applications developed using .net can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can design, develop, and deploy customized web and mobile applications using .net, which can run on multiple platforms. Also, it has a wide range of APIs, compilers, and code libraries.

Read further to know why custom .net development is beneficial:

Platform independent

If you develop an application using .net, you can run it on any platform. As for the operating systems, .net-built applications can run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Also, since the same codebase can be used to develop apps for multiple platforms, it saves costs and time.

Constant Microsoft support

Since it is a Microsoft product, you can always receive Microsoft support. Developers can access a considerable amount of support through libraries, manuals, and developer tools. Also, Microsoft keeps the framework up-to-date with new features and versions, improving performance.

Constant support makes customization easier and leads to faster development. Moreover, the many extensions, components, modules, and collaboration tools make tasks manageable. Whether handling databases, web interactions, or managing security, these libraries save time and effort.


As developers, you have ASP.NET core, Windows Forms, and MVC approaches always available to you. You can use any of them to build apps per clients’ needs. Also, its compatibility with several programming languages helps in customization and capability addition.

Quality and security

Several security features, such as the latest encryption algorithms and code access security, make the applications safer. Also, the .net platform possesses scalability and can handle loads of data. This leads to better-performing apps for the web, mobiles, and desktops. Also, you can use this framework to develop big data solutions and enterprise apps.


You can easily integrate new features, components, and widgets into apps while using .net. Thus, it lets you make your apps feature-rich and capability-endowed.

Multiple language support

You can use a wide range of programming languages to develop applications using .net. C#, Visual Basic, and F# are the main languages supported by .net. Thus, we choose the language according to your needs. Hence, we can achieve customization and variety in your applications per clients’ needs.

Object-oriented programming

How managing smaller things is easier than a large application! .net framework works on this principle. Its foundation is the object-oriented programming module, which allows working on smaller software components separately. Thus, you work on one, finish it, and then move to the next. This also makes application updates easier and more manageable.

Variety of apps

You can use .net to develop a variety of enterprise applications. These include various apps in gaming, big data, IoT, AI, and machine learning. The integration of such advanced technologies into your solutions results in increased efficiency and functionality.

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To convert your project goals into an app, you need quality and secure .net development services.

Connect with our developers to explore our services and harness the maximum benefits of .net.

Elaborated Procedure for Custom .net Development

As a top-notch .net development company, we adopt Agile methodology for our .net development services. We engage in iteration development and testing to guarantee quality results. And we always keep you updated about every stage to know your feedback. The following are the steps of our .net application development services:

Consulting services

Our proficient .net experts study the market, your business, and your application idea. We advise you on how we can use technology and .net to align the app with your business goals. We listen to your concept, validate it, and explain its conversion to an application.

Project proposal

Based on the first stage, we list the technical specifications and create the project scope. We prepare a proposal to enumerate the budget, timelines, and technology stack. You can review the same and confirm it to give it a go-ahead.


It’s best to get a visualization of the app before its actual development. We use quality standards and design principles to create UI/UX designs for the app. We also prepare wireframes, prototypes, and mockups to give you an idea of the app’s features and functionalities.


Next is the development stage after you approve the designs. We write the code, prepare the architecture, and integrate APIs to create customized solutions for you. We also test the app in parallel for bugs and take corrective measures.

Launch and support services

The last stage is the deployment of the application in your tech environment. Post-deployment, we provide maintenance and support services to ensure your app works fine. These include bug fixing, performance optimization, security updates, and version upgrades.

Infistack- High-Performing .net Development Company

When you outsource .net development to us, you can rest assured because we never compromise on quality. Our experience in custom .net development for apps for web, mobiles, and desktops is for everyone to see. You can see our clients in different industries, such as:

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  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Food and drink
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Financial services
  • e-learning
  • Reale state
  • Travel and hospitality

Our skilled programmers aim to make your operations easier. So, they build gaming, enterprise, and AI applications for your needs. We harness .net’s capabilities in developing AI, IoT, big data, and cloud solutions to your advantage.

Moreover, our approach is all about complete attention to your needs. So, you get custom .net solutions that align with your goals and help you grow further.

So, what are you waiting for?

Consult us, seek advice, and let us know your concept. We ensure you quality results in less time and at a reasonable cost.


.net Development Outsourcing FAQs

.net is developed by Microsoft as a programming platform. A suite of languages, frameworks, and tools make up .net. Using it, you can build various web, mobile, and desktop applications. These are .net development services.

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