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Linux Managed Services

Get professional Linux managed services for your Linux-embedded devices and machines to work better.

Your business’s need for embedded engineering solutions ends at Linux. Its use as an operating system for embedded devices or appliances improves effectiveness. These embedded devices might be used in any industry sectors – Linux powers them all. But for its efficient functioning, Linux managed services are a regular business need.

Infistack is a renowned provider of Linux managed services in India. We have been serving clients in India, the USA, and many other countries with our embedded Linux services. You can trust us for the quality and timeliness of our services. And we ensure that you get higher value from your embedded devices.

Our developers and programmers are equipped with all-round knowledge of Linux. They also have experience providing Linux managed IT services to global clients. With these skills and capabilities, we ensure the following for your Linux embedded systems:

  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Accessibility and permissions
  • Performance optimization
  • Version upgrades
  • Disaster recovery
  • Security updates
  • Integration services
  • Solution management
Linux Embedded Development

List of Our Linux Managed IT Services

We understand how Linux is crucial for your technology systems. We take care of these systems through our Linux server support services. Our Linux managed services cover many services to improve your ROI. When we care for your Linux systems, you can focus on your business processes.

Our Linux managed IT services include the following:

Linux consulting services

Are your Linux servers working well? Is there any issue with Linux maintenance or operations? Do you need constant Linux server support services? Are the embedded systems using Linux efficient and effective?

Answers to these questions lie in Linux consulting services. We suggest the best corrective actions when your Linux embedded systems face problems. Be it consulting on deployment, migration, maintenance, management, integration, administration, quality assurance, or anything else, we make it easy for you. We help you identify and address the pain points to achieve the desired results.

Linux support services

You can get our Linux server support services in India, USA, and other countries. These include technical support for Linux-based embedded machines. We also provide end-to-end management of your devices to improve their response time. Ongoing IT support ensures your Linux server is in good health and working to the best of its ability. Our Linux support services are available 24/7/365 to resolve all your Linux-related problems.

Linux integration services

Do you want to improve the performance of Linux-based embedded systems, devices, and machines? Linux integration services enable you to manage this on a Hyper-V server. You can integrate these devices with third-party apps for a better ROI.

Embedded Linux services

Your demand for embedded systems in Linux ends at Infistack. Based on your requirements, we provide embedded systems development services. We design, develop, configure, integrate, test, administer, implement, and maintain embedded devices. Using the Linux server, we create embedded devices to help you achieve your goals.

You can get all these embedded Linux services as a single package or one at a time per your needs. Such embedded systems automate your processes and make them more productive. These systems are secure, highly functional, and compliant with industry standards. Thus, you can improve your business efficiency.

Linux server administration services

You can also enjoy our administration services to govern the functioning of the Linux server. These services include:

  • Server troubleshooting
  • Server maintenance
  • Server rebooting
  • Adding extensions
  • Setting firewalls to avoid security threats
  • Bug identification and fixing
  • Addressing disk space issues
  • Spam fixing
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Security and performance audits
Looking for a low-cost, feature-rich, and secured Linux server and related managed services?

Partner with Infistack for expert Linux-managed IT services.

Our Advanced Capabilities in Linux Consulting Services

We are a top-notch Linux support services provider. We help you with everything related to ensuring excellent Linux server performance. You can check out our advanced capabilities in Linux as follows:

Range of services

Our Linux managed services cover many aspects of your Linux-specific performance. We manage it end-to-end, ensuring efficient daily operations. You can find constant support in your Linux-enabled applications’ administration, management, and operation. We use our technical expertise to ensure the consistent performance of your Linux server.

Technical acumen

Our expertise in Linux web services comes from our team. Our team is full of professionals with immense knowledge and skills in Linux. These include system administrators, network engineers, and software developers. They have a wealth of experience managing Linux solutions and services for clients. This knowledge, expertise, and commitment to the client’s goals enable smooth operations of your Linux apps.

Focus on Linux health

Ours is a proactive approach to embedded Linux services, not a reactive one. We care for Linux servers, databases, and applications so no issues arise. A 24/7/365 support system is there for you to monitor your Linux-enabled devices’ health. It helps us identify potential issues and mitigate or manage them before they impact your operations.

Diverse clients

You can find diversity in our list of clients. Our clients belong to India, the USA, Europe, and many other countries in Asia. They are from diverse industry backgrounds with different market sizes. So you don’t have to worry about whether we can help you or not. Just share your Linux concern, and we will develop a Linux managed IT services plan.

Quality and timely services

Our team keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends, developments, and initiatives in Linux. It ensures that we immediately respond to your pain points in Linux. Thus, you get world-class quality Linux integration services. Also, our expertise enables us to minimize the time taken to deliver them. Hence, you can expect timely and cost-effective services from us.

Custom solutions and services

Customization is what we excel in. Our first step of client engagement is Linux consulting services. It includes understanding and analyzing your requirements. Based on this, we find the best-fit Linux solutions and services for you to align with your objectives. We also review your IT infrastructure to see if the Linux solution fits perfectly.

Why go for Linux Managed Services?

We can bring the benefits you want from Linux to your business. But you must be thinking, why Linux? We’ll tell you the reasons why you must opt for Linux managed services:

  • Linux is a safe and secure server. It is not vulnerable to threats, viruses, and malware. And to make changes in system configuration and settings, you must have authentication and permissions. Thus, you keep your apps, systems, and devices safe from cyberattacks.
  • Its compatibility with several hardware devices makes it a versatile operating system. This is because you can make changes in the source code. You can run it on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and non-Android devices.
  • Being open source, you can write, run, and modify its source code whenever you want. This feature allows you to customize your applications. Be it aesthetics change, functionality addition, or interface modification, you can manage it all.
  • Linux’s background process management involves disabling a process if it’s unnecessary. When needed, you can activate it again. Thus, it avoids process interruption and gives more flexibility for computation, making it more reliable.
  • Linux has a massive community of users and developers. Thus, you can find help and guidance on any Linux-specific project or issue.
  • It is easy to use, install, and update. It has pre-installed templates and tools to use for development. Also, the updates happen when you are managing your Linux work. Thus, it gets automatically updated without disturbing your tasks.
  • You can perform diverse tasks with Linux. You can use it for virtualization, web hosting, managing databases, or as a game server.
  • Even if you have loads of data or many users, Linux can still work efficiently. You can keep generating more data, but Linux can handle it. This feature makes it suitable for mission-critical and data-centric applications.
  • There are frequent updates on functionality and security. In the case of software updates, the core functionality of Linux doesn’t change. Thus, even with new releases, you’ll not find problems in its use and app development process.
  • Linux offers you several options for configuration and compilation, leading to the development of different types of applications.
Linux Managed Services

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What methodology do we use for Linux Managed Services?

We are a reliable Linux web services provider in India. We provide our clients with Linux server administration, management, monitoring, and performance optimization services. You also get a range of Linux-embedded devices and support services. Our methodology for embedded Linux services includes the following steps:

Gathering requirements

The first step is to list your requirements for Linux. We interview your business stakeholders and conduct brainstorming sessions. We also research your business and industry sector. Such research and interviews give us an idea of the types of Linux-managed services you need. Through our Linux consulting services, we keep these requirements in line with your goals.


We analyze these requirements to understand them better. We know what you need and create a strategy around it. It leads to a detailed action plan for our Linux-managed services. The plan includes services, budget, and schedule.

Linux managed IT services

Time for actual action. We provide whatever services you need for better performance of your Linux server. We develop customized Linux embedded devices based on your business needs. You get support in management, administration, quality assurance, and performance optimization of solutions.

We keep your Linux-embedded systems running and manage their permissions and security. You can enjoy round-the-clock system monitoring to identify and correct the pain points. Our team ensures constant health checks, server patching, and bottleneck pattern identification to improve your system efficiency. Thus, our services ensure improved performance, future planning, and peace of mind.

Infistack- Well Known for Linux Consulting Services

When you partner with Infistack, you get a promise of several Linux web services. And throughout our engagement, we fulfill these promises.

We help you with the development and deployment of new applications and devices. And before the deployment, we create a strategy for making the best use of Linux servers for your business needs. You also get comprehensive support in administration, management, maintenance, and security of Linux-enabled apps.

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We allocate a dedicated account manager to handle the project questions for all these services. And our engineers are always available 24*7*365 to provide Linux support services. You can ask technical questions and resolve Linux’s operational issues. Thus, you get all kinds of Linux managed services per your business needs and market demands.

Some of our proactive services include cloud-based data backup to ensure no loss. We also monitor the Linux functionality and security on a regular basis for necessary updates. Setting an alert system to respond to issues before they impact processes. Thus, our architects and analysts forecast and fix potential difficulties with your Linux performance.

On top of all these Linux web services, we also help you with embedded Linux services. It is scalable, open source, and supports many hardware platforms and programming languages. We develop embedded devices and machines to extract these benefits for your business.

So, why wait more? Get on this Linux journey with us and share your concerns or requirements. We’ll find the right set of Linux managed IT services to align with your goals.


Linux Web Services FAQs

Linux managed services mean maintaining, managing, and administrating Linux embedded systems. Such managed services ensure the system operations become cost-effective and improve performance. It also frees the internal IT team from Linux-related worries and focuses on more strategic tasks.

A Linux consultant guides you on the right usage of a Linux server. They can help you make the most of your investment in Linux. We identify the most valuable competencies of Linux for your business. These opportunities can enable the achievement of your goals with the help of Linux.

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