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Magento Web Development Services

Upgrade Your eCommerce Website to Boost Visibility with Infistack’s Advanced Magento Web Development Services!

Infistack is one of the best Magento development companies in India. Magento is a popular open-source platform with built-in PHP. Companies use Magento web development services to build online stores and eCommerce sites. It has many tools and features, giving its users a great shopping experience.

Magento is popular because of its scalability; as your business grows, the platform evolves as well. You also have the option to select plugins and themes to improve the website functionality. Magento 2, its latest version is more fast, safe, and scalable.

Infistack is a leading provider of Magento web development services in India. It has a skilled team of proficient and experienced Magento developers. They recognize your eCommerce website’s need for an appealing, aesthetic, and premium look. So, Infistack gives your eCommerce website the push it needs to rise above all other potential rivals in terms of technological superiority and clientele flow.

Our skilled group of expert developers and Magento consultants engage in your project. We bring out the most from your website using the latest cutting-edge technologies. We consider the latest trends in the market to create a global website for your business. We have helped many companies boost their eCommerce websites using our advanced Magento Services. We have a long list of satisfied customer reviews to back our claims.

Magento Development Company

Magento Website Development Services

Magento is a very useful and important extension to your eCommerce website. But it is a comparatively complex CMS to run. It is the second most used platform in eCommerce websites and one of the most detailed CMS systems. Magento provides you with several options in themes plugins to choose from.  

Infistack provides premium quality Magento support services to its clients. We have the technical expertise in all Magento components to deliver quality and interactive websites. Our Magento website development services are:

Magento 2 Web Development

Our skilled Magento developers provide Magento 2 web development services. Magento 2 is more strong, user-friendly, effective, and has advanced attractive features. As a premium Magento website development company in India, we excel in developing robust, secure, and scalable websites through our careful SEO and catalog management. Thus, you get a boost to your eCommerce platform and its aesthetic appeal.

Seamless Theme and Design Integration

We incorporate and provide attractive eCommerce storefront design and makeover services. We have a variety of themes and templates to pick from to match your business requirements. Thus, our Magento development services in India ensure that your business has a premium feel to it.

Magento Services Through Apache

Our programmers are experts at integrating Apache, the planet’s most widely used web server. Apache is an official component of the Magento stack. It gives you access to many cool features to use in your eCommerce websites. Our Magento developers leave no stones unturned to provide top Magento development services in India.

Magento Customization Services

Infistack is one of the best Magento development agencies in India. At Infistack, we also provide you with advanced Magento customization services. We create mobile-friendly eCommerce websites with responsive and engaging designs. These are functional and adaptable to future changes as your company expands.

Efficient Magento Module Creation Through Composer

Our developers incorporate Composer’s services to ensure easy Magento Module Creation. For PHP-based apps, it removes the need for a third-party code management solution. It also aids in the declaration, management, and installation of dependencies. Thus, we ensure you always have the correct stack of PHP-based projects in place.

Efficient Incorporation of Zend Framework

Our developers also incorporate Zend Framework in our Magento Website Development Services. Zend is an open-source, object-oriented PHP-based web application framework. Our developers use Zend for basic functions like event management and dependency injection.

Constant Updates

We make constant updates to Magento systems to ensure the latest versions to our clients. We provide seamless functionality of our website services with regular upgrades to your Magento system and near-instant updates from a single cloud source. As a result, your Magento-based eCommerce website updates automatically. Thus, you do not need any extra maintenance services or effort. Using its premium knowhow on Magento, Infistack provides the best Magento upgrade services in India.

Magento Migration Services

Do you have a website on another CMS platform and want to move to Magento? Infistack makes it possible for you with its Magento migration services. We ensure accurate, quick, and smooth migration to Magento without data loss risks. We also provide migration to the latest versions of Magento, ensuring data security and cost-effectiveness.

Magento Managed Services

Infistack’s Magento managed services include:

  • Magento support services
  • Magento maintenance services

Where clients face complex Magento environments, we make the journey easier for you. We provide all-around support to resolve your queries and doubts. Through our Magento maintenance services, we ensure that no emergency arises in your use of the website. We are available 24*7 to ensure security, bug identification and removal, and updates.

Magento Consulting Services

Our expert Magento consultants understand your needs and deliver websites according to them. We identify your technical requirements and integrate them well with business objectives. The result is a scalable, reliable, feature-rich, and high-performance website.

Our consultants also devise strategic ways to increase your visitors, convert them to customers, design cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and use analytics to improve customer experience.

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Our proficiency as a Magento Development Company

Infistack has experience in revolutionizing eCommerce websites across the world. We have played a significant role in developing, maintaining, and running Magento-oriented eCommerce websites of large firms. Our Magento development company experts cater to your personalized requests when developing your Magento-based websites.

Magento Development Company India

We help firms in their eCommerce website development ventures. We also curate the best development services for budding small businesses. Our services deliver your eCommerce site with a customized, customer-centric experience that engages users and generates revenue. Thus, we have established ourselves as one of the most respectable and efficient Magento Services Providers.

Infistack is a respected and well-known organization for Magento services. We provide your eCommerce website with a complete makeover using advanced Magento services. Our expertise and capabilities help pull in as many potential clients as possible. Here are a few ways your company can enjoy working with Infistack:

  • Efficient integration systems
  • Improved design architecture
  • Skilled and trained Magento web development services
  • Unlimited customizability
  • SEO-friendly
  • Mobile-friendly platforms
  • Affordability

How can Magento Development Services be Useful for Your Business?

Magento is a powerful and intuitive content management system. Along with many standard features of a CMS, it also has some advanced features to make your websites secure and interactive. You do not have to pay any licensing or subscription fees.

Magento services are the best for your website because of the following capabilities:

  • A vast community of users and developers ready to help and support each other
  • Perfect adaptation of the Magento website to mobile devices
  • SSL security, PCI compliance, and other security features make Magento websites safe
  • Multi-responsive websites supporting many stores and providing easy navigation
  • Complete customization possible
  • A smooth buying journey enriches the Magento user experience
  • Availability of several extensions that can be easily implemented on your website
  • Supports several currencies and languages
  • Possible to have many third-party integrations to add convenience to your websites
  • High scalability of the Magento platform
  • SEO-friendliness leads to higher SERP ranks and more traffic
  • East to manage, use, and maintain Magento websites
  • In-built tools for reporting and analytics

Moreover, being an open-source platform, it is freely available to all users to develop websites. Besides the free version – Magento Community, it has a paid version Magento Enterprise.

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Our Procedure for Magento Web Development Services

We adopt an Agile methodology for our Magento website development services. It helps us develop wireframes and test them in iterations to arrive at the outcome. We provide in-project consultation to cater to all your custom business requirements. Our step-by-step procedure for developing websites in Magento for clients is as follows:

  • Magento consulting services to understand client requirements
  • Development of a plan and strategic roadmap
  • Wireframing and prototype development
  • Magento design and development
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Launch and go live
  • Magento managed services

Infistack- Your Premium Magento Customisation Services Partner

As a proficient Magento development company, we believe in creating the best commercial presentation for our clients. So, we base our Magento web development services on an understanding of your business goals and needs. We build your online store – a fully-optimized website that generates sales for your business.

Our motto is to use robust storefront models to create scalable websites. Your custom business requirements are met with equally strong Magento customization services. We have several years of experience serving global clients in different sectors.

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Our competency lies in the following:

  • We understand your business and analyze your requirements.
  • We believe in ensuring the best user experience for your customers.
  • Attractive website design, interactive user interface, and security are our guarantees.
  • We test the website on all aspects and ensure its high quality before making it live.
  • We also help you migrate to Magento from your old CMS platform.
  • Our third-party integration services help you get the most advanced modules, extensions, and applications on your Magento websites.
  • You get constant access to skilled, experienced, and committed Magento developers.
  • Along with high-performing websites, we ensure cost-effective Magento services.
  • We stay in constant communication with our clients to keep them up-to-date on delivery.
  • We are outcome-focused in our Agile approach to Magento website development services.
  • We maintain 100% transparency, provide complete project visibility, and get your feedback in all steps.
  • We allocate a dedicated point of contact to handle all communication, clarify doubts and resolve queries.


Magento consulting services FAQs

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. It provides a flexible shopping cart system, robust catalog management tools, and SEO. It has many other features designed to help businesses grow their online sales.

Magento development services refer to the process of creating an online store using the Magento platform. It involves designing, developing, and customizing the eCommerce store. Thus, Magento services help ensure the website meets the specific requirements of a business.

Magento offers a variety of benefits to its users, including:

  • A customizable and scalable platform
  • A wide range of features and extensions
  • A strong community of developers and users
  • SEO optimization tools
  • Multi-store management capabilities
  • A variety of payment and shipping options

The development timeline for a Magento website can vary depending on the complexity of the site, the number of customizations required, and other factors. Generally, a simple Magento site requires a few weeks of development work. A more complex site may take several months.

Our Magento website development services include:

  • Magento consulting services
  • Website design and development
  • Custom module development
  • Extension development
  • Magento customization services
  • Magento migration services
  • Performance optimization
  • Magento maintenance services
  • Magento support services
  • Magento managed services

The process for developing a Magento website involves discovery and planning, design, development and coding, testing, and launch. During each stage, we ensure that your website meets your business needs and goals.

When choosing a Magento web development services company, look for one with the following:

  • A strong track record of successful projects
  • Experienced developers who are familiar with the Magento platform
  • A commitment to delivering high-quality work on time and within budget

You can also ask for references and review the company’s portfolio to check its capabilities.

The cost of Magento web development services can vary depending on a range of factors, including:

  • The complexity of the site
  • The number of customizations required
  • The experience and expertise of the development team

You must work with a company that provides transparent pricing. It must provide a detailed quote based on your specific project requirements.

Our Magento managed services include:

  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting
  • Identification and removal of bugs
  • Performance optimization
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