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We deliver a phenomenal Customer Experience with comprehensive UX Consulting solutions

With over 20 years of experience in UI/UX design services and varied specialized employees on board, Infistack is one of the top choices in this field. 

Driven by intuitive design techniques and cutting-edge technology, we have been able to deliver tangible business results.  

Our team of developers and designers is profound with user interface design services knowledge. Sticking to the latest trends and conventional ethics, we create unique, comprehensive solutions in the UX domain and bring positive user experiences that power corporate environments. 

With the user experience at the center stage of the industry, Infistack continues to evolve in creating responsive UI and UX interaction designs. 

We have experience in providing UI and UX Design Services for mobile apps, web applications, websites, and desktop software. We undertook the project from different industries— healthcare, SaaS, health-tech, B2C businesses, etc. 

With such experience and expertise, we always satisfy customers and provide their desired designs.  

Now, let’s check out our UI design services in detail.

UI UX Design Service

User Interface Design Services

There are several UI/UX design services that can boost your business in different ways. During our initial discussion, first, we analyse your business and what you wish to gain by partnering with us. Then, we match your expectations with our services and let you know which UI and UX design services are the best fit for you. Meanwhile, you can check our list of services below:

User Experienced Focused UI Design Service

When it’s highly important that your users have an exceptional experience, this service is the best for you. We work to keep an optimum user experience in all our services. But, when you choose to prioritize user experience, our developers will go for user experience over anything else and define functionality accordingly.

Mobile App UI UX Design Services

We provide mobile app UI and UX design services for Android and iOS. We will provide you with different designs for Android and iOS for different screen sizes. You can check how the screen of a functioning app will appear exactly and provide feedback & changes, if any. If you choose our UI and UX design and development service, we can also create a functioning app for you.

Web UI/UX Design Services

Similar to mobile app design services, we also provide the design for web apps. The user interface design service offers designs for multiple desktop screen sizes. We also show that how the application interface changes when the user changes the browser window size. We ensure the interface is easily understood and users can smoothly navigate between different app pages.

Prototype Development Service

In prototype development service, we design the pages and make a clickable user interface so the client can check the functionality. This service allows us to understand the application's working and how users will interact with it. Based on your feedback and our testing, we will make changes to produce the final design. This helps us to save your time and cost of development.

Usability Test for Existing Design

If you have an existing application but want to know the room for improvement in its design for better engagement, navigation, and functioning, this UX UI design service is important. Our experts check the application and provide a complete report regarding the interface. We can also create a survey and take feedback from your existing users and know their views as well.

UI Design Service for Branding and Identity

When the existing user interface doesn’t go with your branding guidelines or if you have changed your current branding, it’s important to align the interface accordingly. Our designers will go through your branding guidelines and map them with the app. Then, they identify the elements that don’t match the guidelines and change them.

Crafting Interfaces for Seamless User Journeys

We create interfaces keeping the user experience as the top priority!

Our UI and UX Design Expertise

Being a top UX consulting agency, Infistack opts for a collaborative and interactive design approach to keep the end-user at the heart of all design considerations to drive customer loyalty.

Graphic Designing

Under our UX/UI design services expertise, we offer graphics designing for mobile apps and websites per the client’s requirements.

User Interface design

Our expert UI design service providers deliver exceptional website and application layouts with easy navigation and no compromise with functionality.

Mobile First and Responsive Design

We create functional, responsive designs that adhere to mobile platforms and various screen devices with outstanding simulation.

Design Language

We always use a strong design language that dictates our clients’ brand through various formatting elements and identity symbols.


Serve our clientele with the best branding services that create a strong image and a signature style for their products and services to stand out.

User Research and Analysis

Our interface design services experts take a pragmatic approach to user research and analysis that understands and engages the audience with your offerings.

Customer Journey Mapping

We map the user journey across touchpoints across the entire customer lifecycle, focusing on experiences external to the company based on UX interaction design.

Our other offerings include
  • UI and Interaction Design  
  • User Testing  
  • Customer Experience Strategy  
  • Rapid and Interactive Prototyping  
  • Wireframe & Interactive Prototyping

Benefits of our UI UX Design and Development Services

When you go with our UI/UX design services, there are unparallel advantages that you won’t get with any other company. The reason is our client-centric approach in all areas of our services. We have listed the benefits below:


We follow the best industry practices and UX design concepts


Our user experience designs are effective, engaging, and easy to use


We ensure compliance while providing UI UX design service


Budget-friendly, value-for-money UI design service.


Our UX designs go through a comprehensive quality assurance test.


With many years of experience in the industry, we have nurtured a varied client base with exceptional deep insights into the user experience.


Our Agile UX design services deliver intuitive user experiences.


With the validation of ideas throughout the process, we keep a reliable track of project delivery.


Rapid and on-time project delivery.

Our Domain and Industries
Education & Training
Travel & Hospitality
Real Estate
Designing Interfaces that Simplify Complexity

Contact us, and we’ll turn complex ideas into the simple user interface

UI/UX Design Methodology

Our expert UI/UX design services provider has created this methodology with years of experience and by studying numerous design projects. We have only briefed you about the process below, but as we move forward in discussion, further details will be provided.

Comprehensive UX Assessment

We understand the business objectives and follow a deep audit of assets. Then, analyze and benchmark the current performance through assessment.

Contextual Research and Holistic Planning

Our team follows pain points to design user personas and create wireframes and prototypes to understand customer behavior and sentiments.

Strategy Implementation and Rapid Rollout

Then, our UX experts integrate the UI and UX assets, thus moving toward the technical implementation of the website.

Continuous evaluation, validation, and content migration

Then the website has to go for the next evaluation process, wherein usability testing is done to get the final validation.

Understanding the Client's Requirement

Before moving forward in the execution of UI and UX design services, we give weight and time to understand what you want, what challenges you are facing, and what impact you wish to bring.

Assessing the Existing User Interface

If you already have an application or website, we assess it to know the current challenges that users face and how we can improve the user interface further. We also conduct surveys and user interviews to strengthen the assessment.

Designing User Interface

After understanding the requirements for creating a new UI or checking the existing user interface, we move forward with user interface design services. Under that, the actual design work takes place, and we continuously take your input before presenting the final design.

Prototyping and Testing

When the client is satisfied with the design, we create a clickable prototype for the design. That helps us to understand better how’ll navigation works for the application. If there’s any complexity or a better navigation approach, we can find and improve the design.

Implementing the Test Results

As per the testing and feedback, we make changes to the prototype and, thus, the design. After making the changes, we again do the testing and provide you with the best UI and UX design services.

Providing Final Design and Further Services

In the last stage, we present you with the final design and request your approval. You can proceed with development with us as we provide both UI and UX design and development services. Along with that, we also offer ongoing support service, marketing service, and even give a team to manage the application.

Infistack- Choose us for UX Design for custom apps and software

Do you need to take your UX design to a new level or want to improve your customer engagement? 

Then collaborate with Infistack, a veteran user interface design firm that offers comprehensive UI and UX consulting services to improve your customer’s UX experience. 

We have an experienced-led team of UX consultants and designers who can make the most out of your strategic opportunities and create appealing user interfaces.  

We can streamline the delivery within the timeline and budget with proven, rapid, and agile methodology.  

Our transparent and collaborative approach is open from day one as we prioritize customer satisfaction.  

We focus on creating the best customer experience based on research, data, and user journey expertise. 

When you approach a user interface services firm, the primary limitation is the level of customization they offer. As many firms only work on predefined templates and designs, it’s impossible to get what’s precisely required.  

To provide a solution to this, we started creating custom apps and software designs from scratch. This helped customers to decide on every element of their application. And, they don’t need to find another partner for development as Infistack offers UI and UX design and development services too. 

Therefore, our company is the best one-stop solution that you can have for designing and building custom apps and software.

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UI/UX Design FAQs

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design refer to designing a user-friendly interface and creating a smooth and satisfying experience for users while they interact with the website or mobile application.

UI/UX design is important for businesses as it helps create an interface that is easy to use, visually appealing, and can attract users. It can help companies to improve customer satisfaction, reduce user frustration, and increase conversions.

To deliver the best possible user experience at every stage, the core of the application must be strong, which is the design. We create the design keeping UX and customer journey as the priority.

UX audit is the process of checking the current user interface and other factors that influence the user experience. During the audit, the UX designers find the issues in the current design and suggest improvements.

Our UI/UX consulting services will help you get a highly engaging user interface. The application we design is easy to navigate and has a simple learning curve, and this directly provides a positive impact on the userbase growth and revenue.

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