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B2C interactions of businesses witnessed the most significant technological advancement in e-commerce. Businesses also added innumerable technological solutions to their operations for customer satisfaction. These expert software and applications enhance and kick start your business to its full potential.

Infistack is a leading company providing B2C solutions designed for your firm. These B2C marketing solutions enhance and transform your business at full pace. These solutions improve your operational efficiency and productivity, resulting in increased sales.  You can also increase your audience base, reach out to your customers, and engage with them more effectively.

Infistack is one of the most advanced B2B software companies in India. We aid global companies and start-ups by furnishing them with B2C solutions and applications. These include CRMs, eCommerce applications, POS systems, and many others.

Infistack is a B2C marketing agency providing B2C businesses relief from operational concerns. Skilled software development professionals form the backup of our business expertise. We design top-notch B2C solutions tailored for your business to achieve desired goals.

What are the B2C solutions we offer?

Infistack is a prominent B2C marketing agency in India. We study our client’s business and sector of operations before recommending solutions. We suggest the most relevant technology investments for your business to help you surge ahead. Some of the most common B2C solutions in our list of offerings include the following:

Hospitality Operations

The hospitality sector suffers from disorderliness, inefficiency, and bad quality standards. So, you need relevant B2C solutions to improve your operations. Satisfying your guests and employees is the primary measure of success.

Infistack designs cloud-based applications for easy traceability of interest in the hospitality industry. Such B2C solutions enable advanced menu ordering options, service quality assessments, and feedback mechanisms. Our solutions have advanced analytics and reporting tools for efficient performance monitoring. These solutions digitalize your daily operations, improving productivity and reducing wastage.

School management

Running any educational institution requires the completion of many administrative tasks. Be it scheduling courses, allocating teachers, collecting fees, tracking attendance, or other tasks, all of them are monotonous and tedious. A viable solution, in this case, is a B2C solution that automates these processes.

Infistack designs and develops online classrooms equipped with advanced features for everything. These classrooms ensure more accessible classes and are perfect for private or public schooling. Such school management B2C solutions help you manage:

  • Student information – enrolment, attendance, grades, etc.
  • Fees collection – Generating invoices, categorizing fees, and receiving payments.
  • Scheduling and managing courses.
  • Tracking student attendance.
  • Managing libraries and laboratories – access, availability of books or equipment, reports on usage, etc.
  • Creating reports and data analytics – on teacher and student performance for quick decisions.

Fitness solution

Gymnasiums and wellness canters need to manage schedules for many people. They need software to track every member’s workout, meals, leaves, and progress. All these are possible on customized B2C solutions by a B2C marketing agency.

Infistack’s B2C applications are designed and developed for the fitness and wellness industries. We provide advanced metrics for tracking progress, recording workouts, and planning meals. The solution provides online registration, advanced analytics, customer relationship management, a POS system, staff management, and many other features.

Retail POS solutions

Retailers need an automated solution that will have information on all data points. Such a solution must optimize a customer’s checkout process for a delightful experience. Infistack provides such advanced retail POS solutions to increase customer engagement.

These B2C solutions have advanced consumer behavior metrics, popular products and services, and ideal strategies for discounting. It offers several payment options to customers to add to their convenience. You can manage inventory, run loyalty programs, monitor your employees, and build customer relationships.

Besides these solutions, we build custom B2C solutions just for your needs. Be it order processing, web store operations, customer services, returns and exchanges, marketing and advertising activities, or any other function, we can develop custom B2C solutions for you. Your eCommerce ecosystem can always find relevant solutions from Infistack’s kitty.

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Our B2C solutions development process

Our B2C solutions development process is a detailed one starting with deep research. The end result is a quality B2C solution according to your needs. Our software developers help you at every stage of the development process.

Deep research and analysis

The first step is to understand the client’s requirements and need for a B2C solution. We sit with your internal team to brainstorm the possible solution’s features and functionalities. We also consider the feasibility of the application before moving forward.

Planning and strategy roadmap

Since we understand your requirements, we can prepare a full-grown plan. The plan includes the technical specification document, budget, and timelines. We also enlist the skills and capabilities required for the development process and performance measures.

Designing the B2C solution

Once we decide the solution’s technical, operational, and physical features, we move to the design phase. We document the requirements and wireframe them to have a complete look at the product ready. We create a prototype and discuss the pros and cons with the clients.

Development of the B2C solution

Once the prototype is agreed upon, we start the core development of the B2C solution. Our expert developers ensure to keep all the features and functionalities in the solution. We stay in constant touch with the client for instant feedback on any part.

B2C solution testing

After the B2C solution development phase comes the testing stage. We try to identify bugs and flaws in the solutions from every corner to rectify them on time. These include testing the performance, security, UI/UX, functionality, integration, load, and other tests. We ensure automated and manual testing of the solution to make it bug-free before release.

Deployment of B2C solution

We provide complete assistance to clients for the solution launch in the relevant environment. We ensure the product is fully ready and tested from all aspects before the launch.

Support and maintenance

Our B2C solution development relationship with you does not end here. We provide support services, maintenance work, and consultancy services for rollout. We ensure you get relevant answers to all your doubts with our 24*7 ongoing support.

Our expertise as a B2C software company

Infistack holds a dominant position as a B2C software company in India. We provide several omnichannel solutions, marketplace systems, and eCommerce software. We also help B2C eCommerce businesses to integrate with several other platforms.

The best part about associating with Infistack is our fully customizable solutions. Incorporation of easy-to-use APIs and well-defined workflows helps the integration of new solutions with the existing platforms. Thus, our game-changing technology development skills help you improve workflows and increase revenues.

Our expertise as one of the leading B2C software companies lies in the following:

  • Through our B2C solutions, we automate your processes for greater efficiency.
  • We highly emphasize security and safety standards in our solution development process.
  • We use the global best practices to create easy to learn, understand, and use solutions.
  • We do proper planning to control and maintain the quality of the B2C solution we offer.
  • Our B2C solutions enable you to deliver value to your customers, nurturing customer loyalty.
  • You get expert help, on-time delivery, customization, and 24*7 support.
  • Our B2C solutions are fully integrated, empowering your operations and providing your customers with a seamless experience.
  • We analyze your needs before developing the solution to keep you on trend with the current B2C landscape.
  • We create compelling and personalized strategies for your B2C solutions to help you create an impact.
  • Our B2C solutions help you easily serve your customers across online and offline stores.

Our expert and up-to-date B2C solutions keep you relevant in the current times, even as technologies change.

Why is Infistack better than other B2C software companies?

Infistack is one of the most popular B2C software companies in India. When it comes to B2C solutions, Infistack comes with years of experience and sharp skills. We have been designing robust, scalable, and multifunctional applications for different eCommerce businesses.

Our team takes time to analyze and examine your business to find out its requirements and necessities. Based on the analysis, we design applications best suited for the atmosphere. Our team of technicians has immense experience in providing top-notch B2C applications that help personalize your business and drag it up the steps toward success.

We have a strong base of satisfied clients who speak about their experience with us. Infistack meets all your demands by providing responsive and high-performance solutions. These applications aid your business in spreading its wings and soaring across the sky.

We ensure that your clients get the best experience with our high-tech applications. We create an IT infrastructure that supports your goal of creating delightful customer experiences. Our B2C solutions increase your sales, build a strong customer base, and expand your online presence. In a way, you enjoy an omnichannel presence using Infistack’s B2C solution expertise.

Infistack’s B2C business solutions and applications benefit all your client segments. Your consumers, businesses, and enterprises benefit in the following ways:


When it comes to application designing for consumers, Infistack extends its expertise over mobile frameworks integrated with business policies and systems. These helps simplify IT procedures and user experience because of their global implications.


Infistack plans out business requirements and enables prompt response and adaptation to changes. We create applications for your business to boost interdepartmental information transfer. This leads to operational mobilization, resulting in higher productivity.


Applications developed for enterprises are made highly robust and scalable. These enable enterprises to promote their brand name along with catering to all the demands of an enterprise.

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What do our Clients have to say about us?

These client testimonies are straight from the horse’s mouth. We do not claim to be great in our service offerings, our clients do. Here are some of them:

Our B2C marketing solutions FAQs

B2C mobile app development is the process of creating mobile application for businesses that sell products or services directly to consumers. Infistack specializes in building custom B2C software solutions according to your needs. We help you create a mobile app that meets your business needs and gives you anytime, anywhere access.

Infistack has a wealth of experience developing custom B2C marketing solutions for eCommerce businesses. We can help you create an online store to run your eCommerce business smoothly. It will be easy to use, secure, and scalable to meet the needs of your growing customer base.

B2C eCommerce development services help businesses create online platforms. Through these platforms, customers can buy products or services directly from the business. Thus, businesses can reach a wider audience and increase sales while customers find a wide range of products in one place.

Infistack has a proven track record of delivering high-quality B2C software solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our experienced developers and designers work closely with clients. We ensure that our software meets their unique business needs and exceeds their expectations.

Yes, Infistack has extensive experience in building custom B2C web applications. We use the latest technologies to create fast, reliable, and easy-to-use web applications that meet the needs of businesses across all industries.

B2C solutions are critical to the success of businesses that sell directly to consumers. These solutions help companies reach and engage with customers more effectively. You can also improve customer experience, leading to loyal customers and increased revenues.

Working with a B2C software consulting service like Infistack can provide several benefits. These include access to experienced developers and designers, lower development costs, faster time-to-market, and improved software quality. Infistack’s team can help you navigate the complex world of B2C software development and provide guidance every step of the way.

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