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AngularJS Development Services

Your need for quality frontend solutions has a fitting answer in Infistack’s AngularJS web app development services

Do you need dynamic apps? Built on a framework that uses only one single code for all different platforms? You are on the right page, reading relevant content. Because AngularJS development services can lead to such apps for you.

Infistack – a distinguished AngularJS development company, ensures such quality applications.

Infistack has an expert team of professional developers with skills in AngularJS. This expertise enables us to create cost-effective solutions for your business needs in AngularJS. You get an assurance of quality coding, on-time delivery, and constant communication. On top of it, customization per your specific requirements for business processes.

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When to go for AngularJS Web Development Services?

Infistack is a leading AngularJS web development company in India. We develop robust and secure solutions using the AngularJS framework for your business. Using our services, you can get a good collection of mobile and web apps loaded with capabilities.

AngularJs Developers

We know selecting a proper development framework is challenging. The programming language, platform, or technology stack? We make it easy for you by selecting the appropriate framework to generate the desired results.

However, it might not be suitable for all apps, websites, and solutions. You must select AngularJS app development services in the following cases:

  • When you want a single app to run on all platforms – web, native desktop, mobile, and native mobile.
  • When you want single-page applications with a high level of SEO-friendliness.
  • When you want to build progressive web apps or enterprise web apps.
  • When you want to develop eCommerce applications or chatbots.
  • When you want to build scalable and real-time applications.

What are the benefits of AngularJS App Development Services?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that Google maintains. It has many ready-made components, adding ease to the development process. This feature lends scalability and customization to your applications. It has many other features and functionalities, making it a sought-after framework for app creation. And Infistack harnesses all these benefits as an AngularJS development company for your business.

AngularJS web app development services have the following benefits for your business:

MVC architecture

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture is an excellent benefit to apps built on AngularJS. The complexity for developers is reduced because of three separate modules of data, input, and user interface. You can develop and test them simultaneously and separately, reducing the development time. Also, code is easier to maintain, manage, and extend.

Well-defined structure

The framework has many pre-built code structures, which developers can use during the app building stage. The several web services and libraries also help you make your application dynamic. With the well-defined structure of AngularJS, you can avoid writing long codes, resulting in faster development. Thus, you get faster delivery of the app.

Quality guaranteed

You get quality solutions when you test it often for bugs. With the AngularJS framework, you have the dependency injection and unit testing setup. This feature lets you read and understand the code and easily detect errors. Thus, you can test applications and improve while developing, leading to quality solutions.

Feature-rich apps

AngularJS has several modules, plugins, widgets, and templates. You can also access many third-party libraries, packages, and UI designs. These enable the design and development of several features and capabilities. Also, the integration feature with other libraries makes your app richer. Thus, you can build eye-catching and feature-enriched websites that enhance user experiences.

Easy code changes

AngularJS has the feature of two-way binding. This enables you to make as many changes in the code as possible. Such changes in the code reflect directly on the app interface. So, you need not work on coding for the frontend. In the same way, if you make changes in the frontend, the model reflects the changes. Thus, the development process is faster.


The presence of several libraries makes AngularJS easily extensible. Thus, you can add as much customization to your application as possible.


AngularJS has a vast community of developers and users. It has enormous repositories and documentation like manuals, FAQs, and best practices. Using its services, you can find constant support and answers to your queries. Since Google created it and maintains it, you can get support anytime and anywhere.

Works for multiple platforms

Code reusability is a critical feature of AngularJS. Thus, you can create applications for all platforms with less coding or using the same single code.

Confused where to find the right application for your business processes?

Connect with our consultants for our unique AngularJS development services. Let us discuss your project idea and give it wings to fly.

Our Experience as a Professional AngularJS Development Company

You can gauge our experience as a distinguished AngularJS web development company from the following benefits:

  • You get a wide range of AngularJS app development services, including mobile and web apps, UI/UX, migration, plugins, eCommerce, and support services.
  • We have a dedicated team of AngularJS developers with relevant skills and certifications to create feature and functionality-enriched apps for you.
  • You get reliable solutions based on our innovative practices, advanced technologies, and Agile development approach.
  • You get a guarantee of secure application through our practices of avoiding attacks, regular testing, and constant framework updates.
  • Your feedback is important to us, so we incorporate it at every stage to deliver high-quality solutions that generate value for your business.
  • Our developers maintain a seamless process of project management with consistent updates and clear communication on its progress.
  • We stay true to our schedules. We commit to the timelines and ensure quality outcomes before deadlines.
  • With Infistack as your AngularJS web  development company, you get the technical expertise needed to lead the market.
  • Your requirements are central to our development process; that is why we start our engagement with a consultation to understand your needs and recommend solutions accordingly.
  • As an AngularJS development company, we serve clients in different industries, businesses of diverse sizes, and for different application functions.
  • You can expect timely delivery, cost-effective services, and quality solutions from us because we make a plan based on your business needs and adhere to it.

How our AngularJS Web App Development Services Stand Out

Why do our clients trust us as an AngularJS development services company? Because we provide a wide range of services in this framework. Our AngularJS development services ensure personalized solutions befitting your goals. These solutions can be simple apps, chat applications, social media websites, portals, etc.

You can choose any or all of the following AngularJS web development services we provide:

AngularJS web app development services

You can get custom web and mobile application solutions through our AngularJS development services. We create unique, modular designs to add vivacity to your apps. These services ensure seamless, user-friendly, and dynamic applications per your needs. The rich features enrich your website with more capabilities needed to endure the competition in the world.

AngularJS single-page applications

Do you have a simple business? And do you need only a single-page website or app? Infistack has the right solutions for you with our AngularJS development services for single-page applications. We also help you integrate more features and APIs later when your business grows.

AngularJS migration services

Movement of your application from one framework to AngularJS is possible. Infistack handles migration with the assurance of no data loss and no technical glitches. We also help you migrate to the latest versions of AngularJS without disturbing its functionality.

AngularJS eCommerce development

How about having an online store along with a brick-and-mortar one? Our eCommerce development services ensure a customized online store for your retail business. Your modern-day shopping carts get expert design and development from our professionals.

AngularJS UI/UX development

Having an engaging and interactive UI is a primary need in most apps. You can get this feature through our expert UI/UX development services. The result? Your users enjoy an intuitive and responsive interface, improving the user experience. You can add as much customization as possible in these designs to craft a unique solution that is visually attractive and eye-catching.

AngularJS plugin development

Would you like your web and mobile apps to have more capabilities and more features? You can enable this through plugin development. Our AngularJS development services include creating plugins to empower your app. You can also expect to improve user experience with plugins and widgets.

AngularJS maintenance and support

The time-to-time maintenance of your apps is in our safe hands. We identify bugs, fix them, and ensure quality with continuous tests of your applications. We also upgrade it with the latest features and capabilities and version upgrades.

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Don’t you dream of having a mission-critical app to achieve your business goals?

Partner with us for specialist, result-oriented AngularJS development services.

Our Process of Conducting AngularJS Development Service

We provide innovative and results-oriented AngularJS mobile app development services to build mission-critical apps for you.

As an accomplished AngularJS web development services company, ours is a straightforward approach. Using this approach, we have achieved success in many development projects. And it’s our developers’ expertise, experience, and commitment that forms the base of this approach.

The following are the steps to providing proficient AngularJS development service to you:

Discussing the project

The first step of our AngularJS development services is a discussion with you about your requirements. We analyze your needs and comprehend the market trends in your field. We also discuss the type of app you need, the budget, and the launch time.

Preparing the plan

Based on the discussion, we create a detailed plan comprising the project scope. You can see the list of critical features of the solution, functionalities, and the app’s look. We include the timelines, costs, resources, and deliverables in quantitative terms in the plan.


A crucial stage of AngularJS development services is designing the solution conceptually. Our developers create wireframes and functional prototypes based on the end-user expectations. In this stage, you get an idea of the product’s appearance and its operations.

Developing the application

Herein, our developers write the code and design the databases. We use our advanced technology stack and developers’ expertise to develop the app. Our Agile development approach ensures you get quality solutions.


Testing is a vital part of our AngularJS mobile app development services. We run it parallel to development to generate high-quality outcomes. We also conduct focus groups and user scenarios to conduct beta version testing of the solution. We also test it for performance, security, usability, and bugs and make improvements.

Deploying the app and maintenance

Our developers launch the solution in your server environment. We keep a close eye on the app’s performance during the launch to make immediate corrections.

You get a guarantee of ongoing support and maintenance of apps. We constantly monitor the apps to check on performance and security. Also, you get application upgrades, troubleshooting, bug fixing, and performance optimization services.

Infistack- Your go-to AngularJS Development Company

When you partner with Infistack, you get high-performing and secure solutions. We make these possible with our quality AngularJS web development services. These result from best practices in AngularJS development, along with compliance with quality standards. Our developers’ skills, up-to-date knowledge, and experience also contribute to quality outcomes.

AngularJS’s rich set of features helps create web and mobile applications with many functionalities. These apps are responsive, secure, stable, and flexible. Some examples include Gmail, YouTube TV, PayPal, Forbes, the Guardian, etc.

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Our professional AngularJS programmers ensure an increased impact on your business. This is possible only with our business acumen and AngularJS best practices during app development.

We cover the following industries with our AngularJS app development services:

  • Banking
  • Logistics
  • Media
  • Food and hospitality
  • eCommerce
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Real estate
  • Cosmetics
  • Travel and tourism
  • Accounting and legal services
  • Power and energy sector
  • Entertainment

Thus, whatever industry you are in, we can help you convert your business idea to an app. An app that is customized to your needs. An app that scales up as your business grows. So, dial our number, and lets listen to your expectations.


AngularJS Development Services FAQs

AngularJS development services mean developing a website or application on the AngularJS framework. Google developed this framework and maintains it. It is a reliable framework to develop scalable, robust, user-friendly, and feature-rich apps.

What are the services in AngularJS?

AngularJS web app development services include the development of the following types of apps:

  • Custom AngularJS web apps
  • E-commerce
  • Single page web
  • Real-time chatting
  • Progressive web
  • Server-side rendered
  • Enterprise web
  • Web portals

You can get personalized services in AngularJS to develop the app per your needs. The framework has many modules, widgets, plugins, and access to third-party libraries. Thus, you can integrate the app with any of these and create custom services in AngularJS.

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