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Every entity dreams of seamless and streamlined operations to increase productivity. They yearn for effective management of daily operations, business risks, and other aspects. This can happen through process automation, better problem-solving, and quick decision-making. Artificial intelligence makes all this possible in the current times.  

Infistack is a prominent provider of artificial intelligence consulting services across the world. As an experienced artificial intelligence service provider, Infistack offers various AI/ML solutions. As an AI/ML Services company in India, we offer expert AI features that automate internal processes and take businesses to new heights. The management of employees, customers, and processes becomes smoother. 

Infistack has emerged as one of India’s leading artificial intelligence service companies. We offer AI and ML services to help deliver personalized customer experiences. Our innovative solutions revolutionize how customers engage with a product. You can see our commitment to providing efficient and reliable services from our proven experience in the area and our satisfied clientele. 

We specialize in providing innovative solutions to building a model that caters specifically to your needs. Our services help you reduce operational costs, automate tasks, save time, and increase workflow efficiency. Artificial intelligence consulting helps you make the transition to better processes and results.


Artificial intelligence consulting services

Infistack believes in realizing complete benefits from AI technologies for its clients. That is why we provide excellent quality artificial intelligence consulting services.

We find the AI technologies suited to your business requirements and analyze their risks and value. We help you deploy these AI solutions to transform your business operations. Not only it improves your processes, but it drives innovation and provides deeper insights. 

Our AI consultants, application developers, and technology experts make your AI journey smoother. We ensure that our AI solutions integrate well with your business environment. AI services resolve your issues, train your employees, and maintain AI solutions. 

If you are a business from any of the following sectors, you can enjoy our AI/ML services: 

  • HR and Workforce management 
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Travel and Tourism

We are a distinguished provider of artificial intelligence as a service in India. Our expert AI solutions and services help clients improve their company’s operations. If you want to automate your operations, Infistack can be your AI consultant. Our artificial intelligence consulting services help you meet short-term and long-term objectives. 

Our services include the following:

Deep Learning

It is one of the fundamentals of advanced-quality synthetic intelligence. This type of learning employs artificial neural networks to generate scalable solutions. Deep learning uses prescriptive and predictive analytics to generate results. The model understands, learns, integrates, and completes complex tasks without human intervention.

Supervised Learning

The supervised learning process employs a dataset to learn functions from the inputs. It generates desired outputs through mapping and consistent predictions of business outcomes. This method uses regression, prediction, and classification to generate results. It helps you arrive at superior results through quick decision-making, risk analysis, spam filtering, and meaningful insights, all assisted by guided learning models.

Unsupervised Learning

The building models arrive at the structure and gain insight by evaluating unstructured data. It uncovers hidden relationships and patterns, identifies target audiences through marketing campaigns, analyzes customer needs, and redefines business operations. You can use it to develop customer personas and detect anomalies in large datasets.

Reinforcement Learning

We use experimental training to arrive at optimal results in a certain environment. The aim is to stay ahead of any disruption or interruption. It determines actions and enhances performance to bring the best rewards over time. Reinforcement learning helps you automate tasks, predict future numbers, and process natural language.

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Expertise in Artificial Intelligence as a Service Company

We are one of the prominent artificial intelligence service providers helping clients with AI and ML solutions. Our artificial intelligence infrastructure as a service helps clients improve their business value. You become capable enough to harness maximum benefits from the collected datasets. Our expertise in artificial intelligence as a service lies in the following areas:

Customer Analytics

This feature provides machines the ability to understand text and speech like human comprehension. It is imperative for you to understand their needs to customize your product or service. You can study their demographics, expectations, desires, and shopping behavior. You can divide them into different categories based on these aspects.

Recommender Systems

It helps you provide your user with the most relevant information and deliver highly personalized content. You can study customers’ past purchases, demographics, or search history. Based on these factors, recommender systems suggest relevant products to customers. You can also suggest the top-ranked or most frequently purchased products or services.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is a crucial part of our artificial intelligence as a service. An ideal artificial intelligence as a service company can use the information represented in your data to predict the possible outcomes of the feature. You can use predictive analysis models to forecast inventory, sales, or marketing opportunities.

Computer Vision

It extracts meaningful and relevant information from computer images and surroundings. Computers learn to react to these images and other visual inputs. You can apply this technique to face recognition, biometrics, transportation, AR, and other computer vision algorithms.

Natural Language Processing

As an artificial intelligence service provider, one of our expertise lies in natural language processing. In this technique, the computer can understand human’s spoken and written natural language. It helps you narrow down data patterns and construct models for customer segmentation. It improves targeting, personalization, and user experience.

Time Series Forecasting

It finds patterns in your data history and delivers information on trends, seasonal cycles, and more. You can use this feature to adjust strategy and pricing, and keep tab on competitor prices. You can find accurate answers to your business questions by understanding data better.

Anomaly Detection

It is a type of artificial intelligence in which we examine data points in detail. If the data point is different from the established pattern or behavior, it is suspicious. Thus, this technique detects abnormal or suspicious behavior to predict potential security breaches, fraudulent activity, structural defects, and other functional issues.

Our expertise in artificial intelligence infrastructure as a service also lies in the technologies we use. Our AI consultants make good use of the following technologies to create value for customers:

  • Elastic
  • Azure
  • Scala
  • Theano
  • TensorFlow
  • PyTorch
  • Keras
  • Kafka

Benefits of Our Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services

The following are the benefits of our artificial intelligence consulting services:

  • Reduces human efforts

  • Lessens the risks of dealing with loads of data or unstructured data

  • Handles repetitive and monotonous tasks

  • Improves decision-making

  • Provides real-time insights

  • Generates high-quality results

  • Makes processes cost-effective

  • Elevates customer experience

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Our methodology for offering artificial intelligence as a service

We adopt the following steps for offering artificial intelligence as a service:

Our AI/ML Process Tailored Uniquely To Your Needs

Infistack delivers cutting-edge AI/ML solutions uniquely catering to the client’s requirements. Our high-tech solutions include:

  • Predictive analytics
  • Smart search engines
  • Computer vision
  • Recommendation engines
  • Natural language processing
  • Image recognition

As a veteran artificial intelligence service company, we customize AI solutions exclusively, keeping in mind your business model. The step-by-step procedure is as follows:

Analyzing Business Model and Product Requirements

The first step is to understand your business and requirements. We begin by studying your tasks and assuming a solution that can be effective. We plan a structure for the scope of the development process. We conduct a feasibility check with the internal team to ensure that the investment in artificial intelligence solutions generates good returns and adds business value.

Prepare and Integrate Data

As an expert artificial intelligence service provider, we analyze your data first. Then, we narrow down a subset of the most useful data. We follow it by reprocessing and transforming it to create a legitimate dataset. We further divide it into three components of data: 

  • Training (involves training a model and determining its parameters)
  • Validation (involves revisions and improvements to the model to generate the best results)
  • Test results (involves evaluation of the performance of the model as it solves a task)
Feature Engineering

This process uses domain knowledge to manually integrate aspects into a raw dataset. The result is a list of features you can use in predictive models to generate output. Thus, you can use this machine learning technique to transform raw datasets into new features, making your models better and more accurate.

Developing a Model

It involves training a few models to gauge which one delivers the best result. We use the appropriate metric to analyze model accuracy by conserving different types of models with different feature selections, regularization, and hyperparameters. All of this helps us arrive at the perfect model. As an expert artificial intelligence consulting partner, we also discuss it with our clients for the agreement of all stakeholders and alignment with goals.

Model Deployment

Now we integrate the model into the infrastructure of your particular business model. We use several iterations to test whether the model’s operations are smooth.

Model Review and Update

Even after the model is complete, we will assist you in tracking its performance metrics. We conduct several tests that enable you to define your model’s performance over time. The results help you make alterations and improvements as needed. Thus, you receive end-to-end artificial intelligence consulting services from a leading consultant in India.

Infistack – expert artificial intelligence service providers

Infistack is one of the most popular artificial intelligence service providers in India. We make businesses future-ready with our expert artificial intelligence consulting services. We help you put in place AI-based solutions, scale them, and align them with your goals. 

Installing ML algorithms can give your business model a competitive edge in the market. These algorithms help you overcome core challenges and grab approaching opportunities, accelerating your growth in the industry.

We offer many features, including:

  • Business Analysis

  • Data Gathering

  • Machine Learning

  • Data Preparation

  • Chatbot Development

  • Image Processing

  • Data Mining

  • Data Evaluation

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Prediction

  • Maintenance


Artificial intelligence consulting FAQs

AI companies start by providing artificial intelligence consulting services. Then they design and develop AI solutions based on your requirements and using various tools and frameworks. They deploy the solution and provide maintenance and upgrading services.

Some of the artificial intelligence services are:

  • Natural language processing
  • Recommendation engines
  • Computer vision
  • Image recognition
  • Predictive analytics
  • Smart search engines
  • Machine learning and data science
  • Model configuration and training
  • Voice-enabled technology

Infistack Technologies offers a range of services for artificial intelligence, including:

  • Custom AI solution development
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Time series forecasting
  • Computer vision
  • Anomaly detection
  • Predictive analytics

Our developers are proficient in platforms and technologies like TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, and Apache Spark.

Infistack Technologies serves diverse clients across many industry verticals, including healthcare, finance, real estate, retail, e-commerce, travel and tourism, and manufacturing. We have built AI solutions for predictive analytics, fraud detection, customer engagement, supply chain optimization, and more.

At Infistack Technologies, we take a collaborative approach to custom artificial intelligence consulting. We work with our clients to comprehend their specific business requirements and processes.  We develop customized solutions that are scalable, reliable, and secure. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that our solutions continue to meet our client’s evolving needs.

Infistack Technologies is a leading AI development company in India. We have a team of skilled developers and data scientists with experience building customized AI solutions. We leverage the latest technologies and best practices to create solutions that deliver real business value. We provide end-to-end support to ensure that our solutions continue to meet our client’s needs. Additionally, our physical presence in India, USA, Switzerland, and Australia allows us to serve clients around the globe.

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