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IoT Consulting Services

Add intelligence, security, and analytics capabilities to your devices with our IoT consulting services.

IoT has found use in healthcare, retail, finance, logistics, and many other verticals. Its use is increasing in these and other industries owing to business efficiencies and data insights. Then why not opt for IoT consulting services to leverage its benefits for your business?

And you have Infistack – an expert IoT services provider, to provide these services.

Infistack has established its name in the field of IoT cloud services in India. We bring to you all the possible applications of IoT in your business. We improve the insights you can generate from data and data connections to help your business decisions. With the kind of automation IoT provides, you can improve your business processes rapidly.

Our consultants have extensive experience working on IoT technologies. They have acquired expertise in this field with their knowledge and skills in IoT. And by partnering with you, we share our expertise to improve your business. We let you harness the advantages of IoT through IoT managed services to add efficiencies to your business.

Besides consulting services, we also build IoT solutions for your needs. We recommend, plan, design, develop, and implement IoT solutions for your industry.

Please continue reading if you want to know more about our IoT consulting services.

IOT Cloud Services

Array of Our IoT Cloud Services

With Infistack’s active role in your IoT solutions, you get expertise, innovativeness, and efficiency. We empower an IoT-enabled business environment that is holistic and optimized. You get the best results in IoT technology that propels your digital transformation journey.

You get the following IoT cloud services by partnering with us:

IoT consulting services

We study your business, content, and processes. We also assess the trends in the industry vertical of your operations. This gives us an idea of the types of IoT solutions in use. We also get an idea of the unique environment of your operations.

Through our IoT consulting services, you learn about the potential use cases. You can understand how IoT can create value for your business. Thus, through business needs analysis, we recommend potential IoT solutions.

IoT strategy planning

Once we select a suitable IoT solution for you, we also analyze the value it will generate for your business. We get your stakeholders’ approval on it.

After this, we create a feasible strategy to develop and deploy the solution. We use the right technologies and tools to create a customized solution. You get a detailed plan on the timelines, costs, solution features and capabilities, and how it will align with your goals.

IoT product engineering services

Product engineering is a crucial area where you can leverage our developers’ expertise. We develop IoT solutions per your needs. You get the guarantee of bespoke IoT design and development to convert your idea into a practical product. These solutions result from our state-of-the-art technologies and developers’ IoT proficiency.

This also includes proper testing of the solution and troubleshooting.  It also comprises IoT integration to extend your solution’s capabilities. Thus, you get competent full-cycle IoT development services for your project.

IoT managed services

Our managed IoT services ensure your IoT solutions and devices work as expected. You can see us managing the following for your business:

  • Close monitoring of your IoT solutions
  • Security checks
  • Data collection
  • Continuous optimization of IoT app performance
  • Asset tracking
  • Regular updates and upgrades
  • Regular maintenance service to improve performance
  • Optimizing resource utilization

Thus, you get complete assistance in managing the performance of your solutions.

Custom industry-specific IoT solutions

If you need a digital transformation, don’t be satisfied with off-the-shelf solutions. Share your requirements with us to enable us to create a custom IoT solution that improves your business value and becomes your USP to increase sales.

You can find custom solutions in healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, education, home, and other sectors.

We engage in active prototyping in our process of developing custom IoT solutions. We ensure our MVP design includes the primary features for your testing. It allows you to check the solution’s functionality and give your feedback. Thus, we check the solution’s operational, technical, and economic viability before investing in full development.

IoT Testing Services

In our IoT testing services, we check that the environment created by the Internet of Things is working as expected. Besides that, we also check the functioning of every element of IoT and ensure that they have optimum functionality. Our IoT testing service is useful when you already have your IoT products developed and now want a reliable external entity to check them and provide suggestions, improvements, and detect errors.

Reimagine your business presence and impact in the digital world, With Infistack’s proficient IoT consulting services.

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Our Deep Understanding of IoT Managed Services

Infistack is an expert solutions provider in enterprise IoT services. We have experience developing full-stack IoT solutions for clients worldwide. We have acquired proficiency in:

  • IoT solution development
  • Product design enhancement
  • Sensor network
  • Data analysis
  • Hardware design
  • Edge computing
  • Integration of cloud platforms with analytical tools
  • Connecting APIs with applications
  • Firmware development
  • IoT cloud integration

All this expertise in a spectrum of services gives us an edge over others when you are selecting an IoT professional services provider. Besides, our approach, quality, and developers give you solutions that align with your goals. The other factors that contribute to our popularity in IoT consulting services include:

Focus on problem

Your real-world business problems are no longer ignored. We focus on them to identify the potential solution and develop it to generate results for you. We are an outcome-focused entity ensuring a great experience for your customers through our IoT managed services.

Alignment with goals

We adopt an agile methodology to generate results. Thus, we improve at every step and keep you in a constant loop of development and improvement. The result of our IoT cloud service is a solution that aligns with your goals, streamlines your processes, and is cost-effective.

Complete project visibility

Our IoT consultants provide regular updates on project status. You can have complete visibility into the project and communicate with us. We believe in collaborative work culture and invite your feedback and inputs in our managed IoT services.

Quick and cost-effective services

Our technology stack and industrial frameworks keep us ahead of other IoT companies. These, along with the expertise of our IoT professionals, give a sure-shot quality outcome. These characteristics make our services faster and more cost-effective for you.

Industry expertise

We have developed IoT solutions for different industry verticals. Our consultants have been IoT advisors to various businesses in different domains and sizes. This know-how enables the delivery of custom solutions per your needs. You also benefit from our capabilities in ensuring the security and regulatory compliance of solutions in your industry.

How do IoT Deployment Services Stand Out?

It’s a world of smart devices. And your smartness lies in making IoT solutions more beneficial for your business. But besides automation of processes and connectivity of devices within one network, what are the other benefits you get?

Let’s look at how IoT cloud-based services benefit your business:

  • Automation leads to higher productivity. Also, you can put your human assets into more complicated tasks. Thus, you reduce your costs of operation.
  • Sensors can detect flaws easily since all your equipment and tools are connected. You get real-time insights on all and make improvements wherever necessary. Thus, the efficiency of resources and assets improves.
  • The connectivity of IoT solutions helps you generate insights and analytics. Thus, you know your operations better and take timely action, helping in decision-making.
  • IoT consulting services can help you know your processes and business better. You can become aware of IoT opportunities to connect your business functions and generate more efficiencies.
  • IoT ensures the safety and security of your equipment. The presence of sensors and cameras reduces the physical threat. And unique identifiers in IoT solutions ensure multi-layer data security in each connected device.
  • The connectivity and networking of multiple devices in IoT help you generate insights on customers. Thus, you can understand your customers better and improve customer services, resulting in retention and loyalty.

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Our Technique of Providing IoT Consulting Services

You can find our solutions in several industry verticals. These are smart products developed based on our unique IoT consulting services for your business. The steps we include in our IoT services are as follows:

Business assessment

Assessment of your business is essential before initiating our services. We understand your existing devices and technology infrastructure. We take note of the entire business scenario and check its readiness for IoT solutions.

We ideate on how a connected, IoT-enable business would look like. And what benefits you will get from it. Also, the strategic and tactical opportunities it will generate for your business.

Planning and strategizing

Advice and recommendations follow the assessment step. Once we understand your business context and how it will react to IoT adoption, we can set our plan. We discuss the various possibilities of IoT solutions suiting your business needs. The discussion leads to finalizing an IoT-enabled solution to generate business value.

We prepare a plan with project scope, expectations, timelines, costs, resource requirements, and risks. You also see a set of small action items for a proper understanding of the tasks involved. This plan summarizes the IoT journey that you will take in the future.

Planning the hardware

The time is right to set the hardware for the actual IoT solution development. We select the hardware that aligns with your technology needs. We also define the integrations and data models required in our final solution. You must be aware of the environment variables in which the solution would be installed; it gives a better idea of hardware requirements.

Solution prototyping

Our proof of concept services enables you to see the solution in some form at this stage. We map the connectivity of IoT devices to create a prototype. You can see the functionality of each component here. You can check its operations with some machine data to develop a strong business case.

Developing the solution

It is a critical stage of our IoT cloud-based services. We set up the algorithms, gateways, storage, sensors, and controls to connect the devices. This phase includes the following sub-steps:

  • IoT Design Services
  • IoT Product Engineering Services
  • IoT Integration Services
  • IoT Testing services
  • IoT Installation Services
  • IoT Cybersecurity Services

Managed IoT services

Once we deploy and install the solution in your IT environment, we continue to support you. We identify the bugs and provide the necessary patchwork. You will also receive regular maintenance services per the plan. You get a full-year plan of IoT managed services: troubleshooting, upgrades, maintenance, support, and performance optimization.

Infistack- Experienced IoT Professional Services Provider

With Infistack as your IoT services provider, you have the best IoT talent at your disposal. Our developers and consultants listen to your requirements to best use IoT. You get the guarantee of exceptional user experience with our end-to-end IoT solutions.

We believe in making customers happy with our IoT professional services. That is why you can see a combination of consulting, development, and managed services in our offerings. And it doesn’t stop there. Our IoT managed services include complete support after deploying IoT solutions.

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Thus, you can explore the possibilities of digital transformation for your business with us!

We believe in the Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on businesses. It makes machines more intelligent and smarter. It helps you exchange, share, and collect data, which you can use to form insights. Finally, it leads to better decisions and strategic thinking. With endless opportunities in the IoT world, we want you to harness its benefits for your business.

You just have to share your ideas with us. We convert them into reality. Real-world IoT solutions that benefit your business.

If not, we identify the pain points of your business. We look for possible IoT concepts that can improve your business scenario. Through our IoT cloud-based services, we generate tangible business benefits for you. Thus, you experience innovation, higher ROI, streamlined processes, and a special user experience.

So, just call us, and we will look into IoT opportunities for your business!


IoT Consulting Services FAQs

You can adopt innovative practices in your business with enterprise IoT cloud-based services. You can uncover new opportunities for business efficiencies. Thus, you can improve your processes, attracting more customers and generating more sales.

The best part about IoT professional services is you can generate more insights from data sharing between devices. More insights mean better decisions and smarter actions. Hence, higher productivity.

Choosing an IoT consultant is crucial for your business. While selecting one, you must shortlist a few companies based on their experience, existing customers, and expertise in IoT solutions for your industry vertical. You must check the following factors:

  • Advanced and deep technical knowledge of IoT solutions
  • Relevant certifications
  • Positive customer testimonials
  • Proven expertise in the same industry and business size

It is good to partner with an IoT services provider who understands your needs and recommends a custom solution.

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