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Creating a unique experience for your business with an app for web, desktop, iOS, and Android using our Flutter development services

Confused about whether to build an app for Android, iPhone, web, or desktop? Imagine your app works on all these platforms! You can target a large audience base and have a good number of users. Your imagination can become a reality if you use Flutter for app development.

And Infistack can help you build such a powerful app with its Flutter development services.

Flutter enables you to expedite the development cycle. Also, with a single code running on the web, desktop, and all mobile operating systems, you can develop cross-platform apps. You can add as much customization as possible with a rich set of widgets. With all these benefits of Flutter, why not consider developing a Flutter app?

We are a top Flutter app development company in India. We serve clients across different industry verticals with quality application development services. You will see our programmers with relevant expertise in Flutter to build the app for your business needs.

Read more about us to get an idea of our skills and expertise.

Flutter Development Services

Get to Know our Flutter Application Development Service

Infistack is a distinguished Flutter mobile app development company. We provide an array of services in Flutter, trying to achieve your business goals. Our Flutter application development services include the following:

Flutter app development for iOS and Android

We create custom apps for your business efficiency through our Agile development process. We engage in designing, building, testing, and deploying the application in the said environment. You get recommendations on application features based on our understanding of your requirements. Thus, you get end-to-end services for developing Flutter solutions.

Flutter cross-platform app development

Flutter by Google enables development of apps for multiple platforms. Using the same code with minor modifications, you can get an app for web, desktop, and mobiles. These are well-tested and improved upon to ensure optimal performance on each platform. Thus, you get feature-enriched, scalable, and secure apps working on all platforms.

Flutter for desktop application

You can also get custom Flutter apps for your desktop – be it Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS, or Linux. As your Flutter development company, you can enjoy potent applications endowed with many features.

Flutter for web development

You can also get your Flutter apps developed for web operations. Building such feature-loaded and functionality-rich apps on Flutter for the web makes us one of the most sought-after Flutter app development companies.

Flutter app migration and upgrades

Do you want to move your app to another platform? If yes, stress not. Our expert developers manage such migration to Android or iOS using Flutter. Your move to the latest version of your app in Android and iOS is also possible with us. And don’t worry about security leaks during this process. We ensure no data loss, downtime, or other risks to your business performance.

Flutter support and maintenance

Do your existing apps in Flutter face issues in performance? Or have some bugs or errors? Or are you confused about operating its functionality? We are here to resolve all your confusion.

You get relevant help in maintenance services to maintain your Flutter app’s correct functioning. We test the app on various aspects and make improvements to reduce flaws. You can enjoy:

  • Feature addition
  • Security updates
  • Loading speed improvement
  • Performance optimization
  • Bug fixing

All these efforts lead to a rise in your app’s user base.

Flutter API and UI development

Our developers excel in developing and installing REST APIs. Thus, you can improve your existing Flutter application’s capabilities. We also create visually attractive UI and enable seamless UX to enhance your app experience.

When to select Flutter Mobile App Development Services?

When you wish to develop an app for all platforms in one code, Flutter is the solution. And we are the best option as a Flutter app development company for you and your business needs. But you need to understand:

  • Why Flutter?
  • What are the benefits of using Flutter mobile app development services?
  • When must you select Flutter?

You must select Flutter development services when:

You want an application to run on all platforms

This is possible on the Flutter framework by writing a single code for all platforms. The same code works on mobile (iOS and Android), web, and desktop. Also, only one-time code change can help you update the app or add more features on all platforms. Thus, Flutter saves you from writing platform-specific codes.

You want an app with a striking UI

Flutter has a massive set of plugins, widgets, and tools to add to your product. It lets you create a customized UI to enrich your users’ experience. Your customers will love your app’s captivating UI and other features, leading to an increase in sales.

The sharing of UI code and UI on Flutter removes the need for UI components for each platform. Thus, you don’t need additional mapping layers, simplifying the rendering process. Also, it supports 3D graphics and has extensive libraries. These characteristics make your app better and faster. It improves the UI experience, helping you retain customers.

You want a faster release and more scalability

The hot reload feature of Flutter contributes to quicker app development. It allows you to experiment as much as possible during the development step with several iterations. You can add and remove features, build UI, test the app for bugs, and fix them. You can make and see changes in the code in real-time with a sub-second gap. Thus, it leads to a faster development cycle and more scalability to allows more users to use it.

You want a customized app

Customization is easily possible on Flutter. It has a range of building blocks to add to your app’s functionality and visual appeal. These widgets and tools follow the relevant design guidelines of all platforms. Hence, you can make your app more specific to your needs, visually captivating, and highly functional.

You want high performance app

The use of Dart, DevTool, and Skia in Flutter app development ensures better performance. This is possible in Flutter owing to the following reasons:

  • The Dart system provides a native code to enable platform-specific app development.
  • Skia’s embedment contributes to performance improvement in most platforms.
  • The DevTool enables easier bug identification and elimination.
  • Fastlane allows you to integrate your apps with other tools.

Thus, you can develop applications that give flawless and excellent performance per expectations.

Looking for high-quality applications that work on all platforms?

Connect with the best Flutter application development company – Infistack.

Our Expertise as a Flutter Development Company

When you partner with us, you can access our expertise as a Flutter application development company. Our expertise results from a strong team of developers with experience in app development for several industries.

Your project gets allocated to a team of capable developers, testers, and consultants. The consultants handle the analysis of requirements and solution recommendations. Developers design and develop the solution per the technical specifications. And testers test the application on various aspects to maintain its quality. Your project also gets a dedicated manager to handle all the communication from both sides for better collaboration. They all have relevant skills and certifications in their field and experience in Flutter app development.

Flutter Development Company

You can see our expert Flutter applications in industries, such as:

  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Food and beverages
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Beauty and lifestyle
  • Education
  • Gaming
  • Banking
  • Insurance and finance
  • Retail and eCommerce

Also, we customize the app to your business needs, which we examine before the development process. You can see the app’s technical specifications as features, functionalities, and UI designs. Rigorous testing to ensure quality solutions leads to a seamless user experience for your customers.

Why is Infistack better than Other Flutter app development Companies?

Compared to other Flutter app development companies, you find quality, secure, and scalable solutions at Infistack. We are better than others because of the following reasons:

  • Whether you are a startup, a medium-sized business, or a large enterprise, you get quality and accurate services from us.
  • You get customized Flutter mobile app development services per your requirements.
  • We build upon the primary idea of the application with several iterations to have a feature-enriched application at last.
  • You can see our use of advanced technologies and tools to develop flawless and transformative solutions for your needs.
  • We ensure complete transparency on project status with you to keep you up-to-date on all the relevant information.
  • You get the assurance of a powerful team of designers, developers, testers, programmers, and consultants.
  • We ensure the conversion of your idea into reality with an easy-to-navigate, reliable, accurate, and secure application.
  • Your apps get unique, innovative, and captivating UI/UX designs to give users a consistent experience.
  • We incorporate Flutter’s best practices and technology quality standards in our development to deliver quality results.
  • You get competitively-priced and cost-effective Flutter applications within the timelines to enable faster launch.

All these features make us one of India’s leading Flutter app development companies.

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Our Process for Flutter Development Services

As India’s best Flutter app development company, we convert your idea into something concrete. An application with features. And some capabilities. Something that is profitable to your business and fits the market requirements. Surprise how we do this? Here is the process we take for Flutter development services:

  • Collecting and analyzing requirements.
  • Proposing an appropriate solution to resolve your pain points.
  • Defining better project scope and planning the development than other flutter app development companies.
  • Designing the UI/UX, prototyping, and wireframing.
  • Coding and developing the solution with all features and capabilities.
  • Testing the application on several aspects to check performance.
  • Launching and deploying the Flutter app in iOS and Android app stores.
  • Providing maintenance and support services to help you.

Thus, our Agile development methodology results in a powerful application for your business. You can see the results of each iterative cycle and give your feedback for improvement.

Infistack- The Best Flutter App Development Company

Flutter is a software development kit (SDK) from Google. Its many tools (APIs, frameworks, libraries, documentation, and many other things) help build mobile, web, and desktop applications. Using a single code base on Flutter – the open-source technology, developers create apps for iOS and Android. You can also add capabilities and features to your app with the many widgets and plugins.

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Considering all these benefits, we create the best applications for your business using Flutter. With cross-platform apps, you can save money and time used to process duplication for different platforms. Also, we save you from the hassle of another lengthy procedure. And our quality, accurate, and results-oriented services guarantee quality solutions.

Not only quality tangible solutions, but you also get end-to-end support. Our partnership with you starts with an initial consultation. This includes analysis of your business, identifying pain points, and suggesting apps for streamlining your business. During each step, we maintain constant communication. And even after deployment, our support services continue to ensure the app performs as expected.

So, don’t wait anymore. Share your business idea with us. Let’s convert it into a full-fledged, powerful application on Flutter with an impressive UI.


Flutter Development Services FAQs

Flutter development services mean developing an application on the Flutter framework. You can find the following Flutter mobile app development services:

  • Flutter app consulting
  • Flutter app development
  • Flutter app migration
  • Flutter support and maintenance
  • Flutter for desktop
  • Flutter for web development

Flutter allows you to develop apps that run on all platforms. It has a swifter development cycle, leading to the quick launch of apps. You can add a high level of customization to Flutter apps, making it per your expectations. Also, its extensive set of widgets give apps a better performance and security. And the best thing is that you need not develop apps separately for Android and iOS. With Flutter development services, you can reach all your users and improve your brand presence.

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