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Create award-winning applications for both iOS and Android with our React Native development services.

You must be looking for an application that is user-friendly, robust, and secure. Besides, you have unique business requirements to serve through that app. But one thing that every business wants is instant reach to their target audience. And having an app compatible with Android and iOS would be a wise decision to help you improve your reach. Building your app on React Native is a solution for you. Infistack is a distinguished React Native app development company providing such services.

Our developers have expertise in custom React Native app development services. Several clients from different industries have benefitted from our services. SMEs, large enterprises, and startups have shared their business ideas to be converted to React Native apps.

You can also share your product concept with us. And we will convert it into a full-fledged app. Explore our services and get to know us better.

React Js Development Company

React Native Development Company for All Your Requirements

We are a leading React Native development agency in India. We start our engagement with clients with React Native consulting services. And then, we go on with the design, development, migration, and support services. Our wide range of services makes us one of the preferred React Native development agencies.

Our range of services for all your React Native requirements are the following:

React Native mobile app development

You can get apps running on both iOS and Android phones with our custom React Native app development services. Our developers’ expertise enables these apps to be robust, scalable, engaging, and secure. You can enjoy customization of these apps to your customers’ demands and expectations. Due to this customization and high community support of React Native, you can expect high traffic to our app.

React Native web app development

You can outsource React Native app development services even for the web. You can get custom apps based on your specific requirements to align with your business goals. And React Native, being a popular JavaScript library, ensures robust and feature-rich web apps.

React Native migration and updation

Not satisfied with your legacy apps? Want to shift them to the React Native framework? We help you migrate to React Native without losing any data or interrupting the app functionality. Whether it is a small, simple app or a large, complex app, we assure you of timely and risk-free migration.

Such migration services also include React Native version upgrades to optimize performance.

React Native maintenance and support

As a React Native mobile app development company, you can expect our end-to-end support. Your apps get the best quality maintenance services. You will never have to worry about support for any issues in the app’s functionality. We engage in troubleshooting, bug fixing, security updates, feature additions, and other performance optimization measures. These services ensure your apps run error-free and give a flawless performance, leading to a great experience.

We can also provide you with continuous monitoring services for your app. We monitor them for glitches, make changes, manage the performance, and sustain the app with enhanced performance. We also monitor app loading speed, crash reports, and interface performance.

React Native consulting services

Often an ignored aspect, but our consulting services helps you decide the app features and functionalities. It is a way to understand your vision clearly to convert it into an app. As part of our React Native consulting services, we:

  • Study your business
  • Understand your industry vertical
  • Comprehend the competitive landscape
  • Identify the purpose of developing this application
  • List down the key features you want

This process results in recommendations of appropriate solutions that can address your pain points. We also suggest the time taken and cost of each to help you decide the best.

Custom React Native App Development Services: When is it useful?

React Native mobile apps are helpful in any and every situation. If you do not want to take the effort to build two separate apps for iOS and Android, go for React Native. If you want a customer-facing app, build it on React Native; you’ll love its performance and cost-effectiveness.

But it’s best to avoid this framework if you are looking for highly complex apps with many animations and visual elements. You can use it to develop apps for messaging, news, fintech, utility, services, and other uses. You will get the following benefits if you outsource React Native app development services:

  • You can use the same code to develop applications on iOS and Android. Thus, you save time and developers’ efforts, leading to higher efficiency.
  • The use of the same code for different mobile platforms also makes app maintenance more manageable since you do not need to duplicate work.
  • A huge community, many libraries, and several templates reduce development time, leading to faster time-to-market.
  • You get the feel of a native app because the components of React Native have 1:1 mapping with those of native apps. Thus, you get the same look and feel on every mobile platform.
  • You can improve your app’s capabilities and performance by integrating your app with several third-party plugins.
  • You can even create complex, fast, and responsive UI designs because of React Native’s component-based approach and rendering features.
  • Any changes you make in the code in the backend, you can see their impact in real-time in the app preview. You can make quick decisions on what features to add and remove because you have live feedback on how they look and feel. Thus, with an automatic reload, the app shows the impact of changes in the code.
  • React Native, being a mobile-specific framework, leads to faster apps. Also, using GPU instead of CPU improves the application speed.
  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates feature leads to faster app updates and improvements. You don’t need to do it manually with approval from Android or Apple.

Several apps like Facebook, Instagram, Bloomberg, Walmart, and many more are built on React Native. And you know how much popularity and wide reach they have. So, why not step into this world and contact us – your go-to React Native application development company?

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Our Skills as React Native Development Agency

We are a leading React Native app development company in India. Our services in React Native are available to you to see your idea convert into an app. A mobile app that solves your problems. An app that is secure, high-quality, feature-rich, and performs several functions. A solution that addresses your customers’ needs.

We build for you a customized app that stands out from the rest. For this, we engage in proper React Native consulting services before development. We understand your business, requirements, and expectations from the solution. Based on this, we recommend applications that align with your goals.

As a React Native development company, you can see our skills in our past work. We have built apps for large enterprises, startups, and other businesses of any size. You can see our client list. It features clients from different verticals, such as:

  • E-commerce
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Travel and tourism
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Advertising
  • Entertainment
  • Telecommunication
  • Healthcare
  • News
  • Fashion

Perks of our Outsource React Native App Development Services

Our capabilities as a React Native mobile app development company make us one of the best. You can outsource React Native app development services to us for any business need. You will find an interactive, secure, and unique app to help you perform operations.

The following are the perks of our services in React Native:

  • You can find our custom React Native app development services in different industries and countries.
  • We have cutting-edge technologies and tools to develop a robust solution for your business needs. The solution can achieve your business goals and take you on the path to success.
  • Our developers, designers, testers, business analysts, and consultants have relevant knowledge and experience in React Native. They keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends to give you amazing apps with user-friendly experience.
  • We have the expertise in understanding your requirements and converting them to reality through React Native apps. This is possible through progressive programming, awareness of the latest trends, and UX design skills.
  • You can expect weekly reporting from our developers on the project status. We maintain transparency with constant communication so you can give feedback on it.
  • As one of the proactive React Native development agencies, you can expect an incredible spectrum of services. Be it development, design, consulting, migration, maintenance, or support, we provide top-quality services to satisfy you.
  • Ours is an Agile approach for outsourcing React Native app development services. Our testers and quality assurance specialists participate in the app development process. They test the app at every stage to ensure quality solutions.
  • You do not have to worry about compliance with security and quality requirements. Our team manages all these compliance so that you can focus on your core operations.
  • You can expect proficient app customization from us. We research and understand your requirements to ensure this app fulfils all your needs.

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Our approach to React Native Consulting Services

As a preferred React Native application development company, we have a simple app development approach. We craft the app based on your needs and your target audience’s expectations. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, but unique and flexible.

Our custom React Native app development services follow the below procedure:


The first step as a React Native app development company is researching about you. We study your business, offerings, and your customers. We identify the actual users of the mobile app. This is the target audience that you want to capture through your app.

We study these end-users. Their behaviors, habits, expectations. Studying these helps us understand your business requirements that will form the app’s features and functionalities. With our help, you can understand these requirements better. You can get an idea of what your vision would look like on paper.

Assessing project scope

We analyze these requirements mentioned in the previous step. We convert these requirements into technical specifications of the app. We create a plan to determine the project’s timelines, costs, and resources.

Designing the app

Now is when we convert these technical specifications into wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. These are a close representation of your vision. You can give your feedback on them – likes, dislikes, changes needs and results expected.

You can also check on the UI and UX designs. If these meet your users’ needs and enable an amazing experience, we keep it. Otherwise, we make changes as suggested.


We incorporate a proper React Native development strategy to create your mobile apps. We base our development strategy on your business ecosystem, the latest technologies and frameworks in React Native, and industry quality standards. We write the code, design the UX, create the architecture, and build the app.


Our development team ensures rapid iterations, which the testing team checks for bugs and suggests improvements. You can see the test reports and approve or reject the iteration. The testers create test scenarios to check security, scalability, load capacity, performance, UI, and user acceptance.

Deploying and maintenance

We help you deploy the app in your environment. You also get post-launch support services like bug fixing, performance optimization, and regular maintenance and upgrades.

Thus, we create high-performing, secure, and risk-free apps that can operate on iOS and Android devices.

Infistack- High-performing React Native Mobile App Development Company

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A solid system architecture. High-quality code. And an amazing UI/UX design. These three combine to give a high-performing mobile app. These qualities are present in React Native. By building your app in React Native, you can attract a target audience and increase brand engagement.

React gives you all this and much more. You can build apps for iOS, Android, and cross-platform. You can also build only the app backend with React Native. You can engage in continuous improvements per the changes in customers’ needs and behaviors.

Infistack, the React Native Application Development Company, makes all this easy with its services. We deliver value to you with our expertise and experience over the years. We use the latest tools and technologies to develop the solution you want.


React Native App Development Company FAQs

Developing apps on both iOS and Android with a single code is possible through React Native. So, creating a high-quality near-native app on the React Native framework is React Native app development.

Custom React Native app development services for mobiles are good because the framework is compatible with both Android and iOS. It ensures a speedy, flexible, scalable, secure, and stable app. You can reuse the code and develop apps for multiple platforms for any industry need. You can update it easily and also add many third-party plugins to improve performance. Thus, it is suitable for mobile app development.

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