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Custom PHP Development Services

Attract and impress your customers with responsive and user-friendly websites developed using PHP.

With so many popular applications and websites taking advantage of PHP, why would you stay behind? Partner with an established PHP service company and get a scalable, high-performing, and flexible app. Infistack is one of those. Our custom PHP development services have helped many businesses with innovative apps.

Infistack is a distinguished PHP web development services company in India.  Using our services, you can streamline your processes and improve your productivity. Thus, your business gets a transformation, giving you a competitive edge over others.

We have a strong team of developers, consultants, and business analysts helping you with PHP services. It’s not only about development; you also get help in integration, upgrades, migration, and maintenance. You can hire us for eCommerce, marketplace, and social networking platform development. You can look at the various PHP web services you can use for your business needs in the below section.

PHP Development Company India

List of our Custom PHP Web Development Services

If you are looking for a PHP website, eCommerce portal, applications, or blogging site, Infistack has expertise in all. Our custom PHP development services address your business needs comprehensively. You can get assured solutions as well as support services to make your website’s journey smoother. Here are the PHP programming services you can expect from us:
Custom PHP development services

Your way to a larger audience base is through custom websites and applications. We help you in this objective of yours through custom website development. You get complete support in developing the frontend and backend of applications. Thus, our PHP experts give you the joy of increasing your online presence with customized websites.

You can trust Infistack to create feature-rich applications for your business. These are fast, intuitive, secure, and engaging websites. Our PHP developers guarantee you appealing features, easy navigation, and extraordinary experience.

E-commerce development

Your online retail store idea has a new address, an eCommerce website. And we at Infistack create it for you.

We create customized PHP eCommerce solutions per your business needs and offerings. You get the following features and functionalities:

  • Engaging user interface
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Advanced shopping cart
  • Feature-rich inventory management capabilities
  • Highly secure and compliant
  • Beautiful layout
  • Easy to navigate and scroll
CMS development

Content is what is driving your customers to your business. This has increased the demand for a content management system (CMS) in the business world. You can have similar content management solutions for your business needs.

You get easy-to-manage and robust CMS solutions with innovative techniques for content optimization. SEO-friendly navigation and creative web pages. We develop such CMS solutions on Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress for you. You can also ask for the development of online discussion forums for your industry; our developers are skilled at it.

PHP application modernization, migration, and upgrades

Do you already have an application or website on PHP? If yes, you might need upgrades to it or maybe modernization to stay in trend. If not, you can also benefit from PHP capabilities by migrating from your existing language. And our developers excel in all such services. These capabilities make us a top-tier PHP web development services company.

You can upgrade your PHP-hosted websites and platforms to the latest version. You can also engage our PHP modernization services to improve the functionalities of your legacy solutions. We also help you migrate from the existing platform to PHP without losing data or capabilities. All these PHP services enable you to create user experiences.

PHP maintenance and support services

Once the website or application is developed, it does not mean the end of services. You might need help with some doubt clarification or usage of some feature or website maintenance services. You can avail all these benefits by partnering with Infistack.

Whether it’s a PHP app developed by us or any other third party, our maintenance and support services are for you. You can expect troubleshooting, bud identification and removal, and performance optimization services from us. We maintain the website’s loading speed, safety, smooth navigation, and user-friendliness.

Custom PHP web services and solutions

PHP web services are crucial to our custom PHP web development services. You can demand custom solutions per your needs. These solutions ensure security and outstanding user experience. We also integrate mobile web services if you want to move to mobile. We also manage API integrations that help you scale your application, hence, the business. Thus, you receive all kinds of PHP services according to your business needs.

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Our Proven Expertise in Custom PHP Development Services

You don’t need a PHP application or website very often. But when you need it, it must be to the point, cost-effective, and serving your purpose. So, it’s better to partner with a top-tier quality-conscious PHP service company. And who better than Infistack to provide you its custom PHP development services?

Php Development Company

You can learn about our expertise below:

  • You get the expert PHP services you deserve based on our use of technologies such as Symfony, Magento, CodeIgniter, Drupal, Laravel, WordPress, and CakePHP.
  • As a core PHP development services company, we have the relevant expertise. This has come from years of experience building PHP apps and websites for clients in different verticals.
  • You can see us offering PHP programming services to clients in food and beverages, healthcare, education, real estate, tourism, social networking, entertainment, and eCommerce companies.
  • You get custom PHP development services based on an analysis of your requirements. The quality of our crafted solutions meets international standards of excellence.
  • You can see our expertise in the way we design and develop websites and applications for you. We research your market, understand your needs, and identify the solution that works for your business goals.
  • Our dedicated developers never delay the PHP web services. We go per the project schedule to help you meet your expectations on time. This also includes constant reporting of the project status to you on preferred communication channels.
  • You might feel that we do a lot of testing and improvement. But that is what we believe in. With continuous testing of developed apps, you get an assurance of quality outcomes. What you get at the end is flawless.
  • Our PHP developers and business analysts come together to handle your PHP demands. They are skilled, certified, and knowledgeable in managing the best-quality PHP services for you.
  • With Infistack, you get the assurance of affordable prices. Also, quality solutions. Complete support post-deployment. All this is possible through our top industry practices and competent team.

Why choose PHP Programming Services?

Who has not heard about PHP in the world of developers and applications? Some of the websites created on PHP have extensive global usage. Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Mailchimp, etc.

It is one of the most widely used open-source scripting languages. Developers and users swear by its benefits. High loading speed. Many add-ons and plugins. A good range of databases. And many more that make it one of the most preferred languages in the world.

PHP is a popular language for application and website development. It has a massive library and a huge community of developers and users. You can find all kinds of documentation: books, videos, case studies, manuals, and any other information needed to develop apps in PHP. All these reasons and other features make it a preferred language for web development.

You must also choose this language for its multi-faceted uses and characteristics. PHP programming services provide the following benefits to you:

  • Being a scripting language, you don’t need to compile it. The interpretation by server-side or client-side happens at runtime.
  • Since it is free, anyone can download and use it to develop websites and applications. Thus, you do not have to worry about licensing, subscription, compliance, or costs.
  • Since it runs on all primary platforms, you can integrate it on any platform per your needs. You can use it on Windows or any other platform to run your application.
  • You can find an infinite number of features, add-ons, and extensions in PHP to add to your application. Your options are vast, so you can add as many functionalities as your app requires.
  • You can find support for PHP in databases like MySQL, ODBC, and many others. Also, its compatibility with several servers like Apache, etc., adds to its popularity. PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, and others support PHP development services. Thus, you have a flexible, compatible, and reliable language to develop your websites and apps.
  • The simplicity of the language makes it easier for you to operate the website or application. User-friendliness and seamless functionality add to the charm.
  • The faster processing speed of PHP lends swiftness to websites’ loading time. Thus, the server also faces less workload from running an app or a website. Such faster websites and apps find more takers in the market nowadays.
  • PHP enables protection against security threats. Thus, you can keep your applications safe and secure from hackers. Another attribute to attract more users.
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Our Technique of Providing PHP Web Services

If you have partnered with us on any of our offerings, you might know that we adopt an Agile development approach. The same is the case when we outsource PHP web development services to you. You will find iterations, testing, and improvements in considerable numbers in our process. It also calls for your constant involvement in custom PHP web development services. The outcome is a well-functioning solution solving your problems.

Let us show you the approach we adopt for our PHP web services to you:


We study your business and understand your requirements and expectations from the app.


Together with your team, we brainstorm possible solutions, features, and functionalities.


We plan the custom PHP development services project once we decide on the final application.


We design the application and prepare its wireframe and prototype for your approval.


You can see the app development in this stage with the necessary features, add-ons, and integrations.


Now, we test the application for usability, performance, security, and other aspects and make improvements.


After you are sure of the application quality, we deploy it on the necessary environment.


This is the final step, where you get maintenance, support, troubleshooting, and upgradation services.

Infistack- Most-Trusted PHP Web Development Services Company

Infistack commits to achieving your goals. We ensure quality services at cost-effective rates to develop applications for you. That is why clients like you trust us as the most reliable PHP web development services company. And we assure you, you won’t be disappointed in us.

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You will find our developers with relevant expertise in PHP technologies and tools. They also have experience handling development projects for several verticals. And PHP certifications. All these combined gives you a guarantee of quality PHP services. On top of it is our Agile development approach that assures quality applications and websites.

What more do you want from a PHP service company?

You can also check our customer testimonials to hear it directly from them. And if you have any queries, check out our FAQs or drop in a message or call to clarify your doubts.


PHP Development Services FAQs

Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) is an open-source coding language. You can use it to develop websites, applications, and CMS solutions. Thus, PHP development services mean all the steps required to develop an app or website using PHP.

When you need a website or an application for your business, you cannot go wrong with it. It must be a high-quality solution, rich with features, and able to perform many functionalities. Specifically, it must serve your purpose behind the website or application. So, you must outsource PHP web development services to an expert PHP web development services company. You can get competent, fool proof, efficient, and secure solutions.

You need custom services to address your unique, specific business requirements. Since your business is different from any other, the landscape and environment differ. Requirements are distinct. And that is why you need custom PHP development services to have the features and capabilities your business needs to fulfil its goals. The demand for these custom PHP services has made them popular worldwide.

You need not worry about the different time zones. We have developers in our team working in other time zones per clients’ local working hours. Also, we appoint a dedicated project manager to manage all the communication between our teams.

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