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Game Development Outsourcing Overview

Game development is one of the top-growing industries. However, it comes with its challenges, such as finding the right resources, mapping the product perfectly, and testing it rigorously. That’s where outsourcing game development comes into the picture. Under the game development outsourcing service, our company takes care of creating the game as per your idea from scratch. We will create a map for the game as per our discussion and then work on the development. You will own all the rights, or if you wish to work in partnership, that’s possible too. 

The primary advantage of partnering with us is that we own experienced resources and an established name in the industry. We have been serving businesses for decades and have created a variety of games that ruled the market for a long. We are also updated with the day-to-day advancements and extensively work on gaining knowledge in this sector. 

You’ll get all types of game development outsourcing services from us, whether you want to develop a simple 2D game or a complex 3D one. We also own the capability to place virtual reality in the games to make it more attractive and fun for the audience. Now, let’s check out our services in detail.

Game Development Company India

Everything About our Game Development Services

When people trust us with outsourcing game development, it’s our duty to ensure they get exactly what’s required. For that reason, we make sure that our game development services cover everything from video game development to mobile app game development. 

Our professionals possess industrial experience in game development with AR, VR, 2D, and 3D modeling. Also, they are proficient in the development of games in various genres like board games, fantasy sports games, casual, social games, etc., for diverse niches. 

You can check our game development services below:

Outsourcing Video Game Development

By outsourcing your video game development to us, you can get traditional PC and console games within no time. We first set the right video game expectations and define the budget accordingly. During the video game development, we bring forward innovative techniques that can make the output attractive to the audience.

Mobile Game Development Services

Many video games have mobile versions to increase their user base and generate a higher amount of profit. Mobile games also exist independently, even when there’s a PC version. By taking our game development outsourcing services, you get both iOS and Android apps. We can provide them with a unique design or align them with its PC version if it exists.

2D Game Development Outsourcing

2D games are highly popular due to their simplicity. They are used for both casual and serious entertainment. Another reason why companies choose our 2D game development is that they can be created quickly and affordably. However, we still create them with quirky storytelling and eye-catchy graphics.

3D Game Development Outsourcing

Our 3D game development outsourcing provides full-cycle development of the game. We can enhance your idea and create a complete picture of how the game would work. Then, while developing the game, it gets loaded with state-of-the-art graphics appearing as real-life visuals. It also goes through rigorous testing to ensure that the game players have the expected experienced.

Virtual Reality Game Development Services

We are a virtual reality game development company that aims to take gamers to the world of virtual reality that appears real. Our unparalleled graphics and exceptional 3-dimensional mapping will provide them with an exceptional gaming experience. We develop virtual reality games that are compatible with Oculus Rift, Steam VR, and all other primary VR headset developers.

We create these games for different genres, such as:

Logical Puzzle Games

Our skillful and experienced game developers engage users with easy to complex puzzle-solving games to develop logical, mathematical, science, and other concepts for all ages.

Educational Games

We curate educational games for students and professionals to increase their intellectual power with concepts, fundamentals, subjects, aptitude, and others.

Enterprise Games

Convert your vision and ideas into an enriched gaming experience with high-level functioning concepts such as multi-level, multiplayer, and strategic gaming.

Smart Kids’ Games

Our gaming experts know how to convert a stellar gaming experience into an intuitive learning one for kids to develop their logical and reasoning skills at a young level. We also create creative and animated games for toddlers.

Classic Card Games

Our expert game developers will transform your vision and give the classic card game a multiplayer touch with stunning visuals, animation, and sound effects.

Checkout Popular Gaming Platforms for Which we Perform Development

We develop optimum solutions for both native and cross-platform gaming apps for the web and other leading platforms. We design gaming apps to foster your sales revenue. With top-notch collaborative approaches, processes, and documentation, we continue creating the art of developing real-world ideas into gaming applications on every platform, such as:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Xamarin
  • Unity 2D and 3D

Contact our team to transform your requirements into an addictive gaming application and stellar graphics.

Get Your Outsource Game Development Journey Started with Infistack

We are gaming technology partners who will stay with you on every step of game development.

Our Game Development Services Expertise

We are a game development company with expertise in all aspects of game development. When you rely on us, you won’t need to worry about the output quality.


Experience in Android Game Development Services

We own a team of experts who have been working on Android development for more than a decade. They have been doing game development from the early stage of the Android mobile operating system. During this period, they gained experience of engines like:

  • Unity
  • Unreal 
  • Cocos-2dx and many more

Now, we build stunning Android games in multiple genres and ensure high engagement. We also focus on how we can monetize the game and encourage gamers to make purchases and contribute to the advancement of the game.


Experience in iOS Game Development Services

Creating iOS games comes with its own challenges, as Apple provides rigid instructions for the App Store applications. Our expert team is always updated with the latest instructions and works according to them. 

We create out-the-the-box designs and exciting journeys for the games so that users never lose their interest in the game. Besides that, you will always have a dedicated team ready to add anything or make any changes right away.


Experience in Blockchain Game Development Services

If you are looking for 3D metaverse or web3 games, you are at the right place. Outsource your blockchain game to Infistack and get an interactive and feature-rich application right away. We ensure that you have complete ownership of all the blockchain game assets that we create. We do that using smart contract development. Besides that, we can also create real-like characters and avatars to achieve the blockchain game development goals.

Know the Advantages of Outsourcing Game Development

You might be thinking that “What’s better— developing the game yourself or outsourcing it?” Well, we would always suggest going for outsourcing for the following reasons:

Access to Experienced Resources

When you go for game development outsourcing services, the work’s done by talented resources who have experience working on multiple projects. On the other hand, if you hire the resources yourself, there’s no assurance that they’d be able to perform as expected. The experienced resources and game development companies have a credible portfolio that reduces the risk factor.

Budget-friendly Game Development

When you hire resources, you’ll have to spend money for the hiring process. Besides that, managing resources and giving salaries to the whole team could be more expensive than outsourcing game development. There are several other costs, such as space, systems, etc., that come with developing the game yourself.

Time-bound Game Development

When you outsource game development, you are provided with a deadline by the company to which you outsource it. They will also provide you with a schedule so that you can track the progress. Here at Infistack, we provide you with a detailed plan and always keep clients in the loop. We are always committed to completing the tasks before the deadline.

End-to-end game development

While doing game development at your company, you have to juggle between different resources while going through the complete development cycle. Better than that, when you outsource the game development, the technology partner will perform all the tasks. They’ll develop a full-fledged game from scratch, do the testing, and even provide ongoing support.

Easily Get Complex Game Developed

Creating a game comes with complex challenges, which can be tough to counter at times. To avoid such scenarios, it’s better to outsource game development as they have numerous resources, performing such tasks continuously. So, someone or the other resource would be able to cross such hurdles, making the complex development easier.

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Gaming Features That We Can Include
  • In-app offers

  • Gaming modes (single/multiplayer)

  • Ratings and Feedback

  • Referrals

  • In-app payment options

  • Custom alerts and push notifications

  • Character building and Modelling

  • Multiple-level gaming modes

  • Advanced Security

What Process We Follow for Outsourcing Video Game Development

Ideation and Requirements Gathering

Our creative team will help you refine your requirements to envision the final gaming experience as an overall product. In this step, we understand your idea, enlarge it with the gaming perceptive, and list down the resources required to fulfill the game development process.

Analysis and storyboarding

Here, we will develop the complete game story and decide how the basic functioning will work. In this step, we also do frame creation, screen dimension sets, animations, character building, etc.

Game Design

Our designing team will leverage the best resources and tools to create visually stunning and entertaining prototypes and mock-ups for the real experience. We use the material design, graphics, and interface to create stellar gaming applications for all platforms.

Game Development

We create gaming user interfaces with an outlined development plan that aligns with the customer objectives, designed story, controls, and functioning of the game. Our creative development phase sets characters, scenes, labels, levels, features, and functionalities for single and multiplayer games.

Gaming App Testing

Post-development, our Quality assurance and testing team performs rigorous QA and testing over the game to ensure a bug-free and error-free gaming experience across diverse platforms and devices. After doing the testing, we will provide you with the game so that you can add your feedback, which we will implement right away.

Deployment and Maintenance

We offer comprehensive services for publishing or deploying apps to the relevant app stores, following the standards and guidelines. Post-deployment, we also provide services such as impediments, performance monitoring and optimization, analytics, and any other pitfalls to ensure the seamless operation of the live app.

What do our Clients have to say about us?

These client testimonies are straight from the horse’s mouth. We do not claim to be great in our service offerings, our clients do. Here are some of them:

Game Development Outsourcing FAQs

To outsource the game development project, you need to contact a trustworthy technology partner and provide them with the information and idea on which you wish to develop the game. Moreover, you must convey the type of game and devices on which you want to run the game.

There are several benefits that you get by outsourcing game development, such as experienced resources, affordable development, complete life-cycle management, and timely delivery.

Infistack offers a wide range of Game Development services, including custom game development, game engine development, game testing and quality assurance, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Infistack developers use a variety of Java technologies for game development, including Java SE, JavaFX, and the Java Gaming API.

Yes, Infistack provides a comprehensive range of services, including marketing and SEO solutions, to help promote and market your game.