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Ramp up your application speed with hassle-free Application Migration services

Cloud computing is in trend because of scalability, less investment, and efficient access. That is why businesses are migrating their apps to the cloud. And efficient application migration services help entities do that with ease. Not only movement to the cloud, but you might need to shift to a new data center, computing environment, another cloud provider, etc.  

Infistack is a prominent vendor of application migration services to clients. We have been assisting our clients in migrating their workloads to the cloud. Whether you want to move your applications from one data center to another, one computing environment to another, one cloud to another, or an on-premises solution to a cloud, Infistack manages it all for you. We provide cost-effective and secure ways to migrate applications to a new infrastructure. 

Infistack has emerged as one of the leading companies in providing hassle-free, secure, and robust solutions as part of its cloud application migration services. We offer services that help transit your legacy code, database, infrastructure, ERP, or CRM solution. We manage this with enhanced scalability, flexibility, and security of your applications. Thus, our process ensures business productivity, efficiency, and workflow.

Application Migration Service

Know all about our application migration service

Infistack’s application migration services help you phase out the old and bring in the new. We help you migrate your applications to a new IT environment for increased efficiency. It helps you serve your clients customized, enriching, and dynamic experiences.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Migration

Our ERP migrations help optimize and automate your infrastructure and business structure seamlessly. Thus, you can integrate business applications with other software. You get a centralized architecture, which eliminates the manual import-export of data. 

We plan the migration of data in steps to maintain data consistency and ensure no data loss occurs. Our application migration service specialists consider the potential challenges and risks and create the migration strategy accordingly. It includes planning, team assignment, data transfer, testing, and post-migration support.

Code Migration

We provide application migration services for open-source software and highly secured and modernized codes with integrated frameworks and features. Our code migration services offer you great flexibility, accessibility, and scalability. Our services are scalable and compliant with all industrial standards and practices. This enhances your existing application’s speed, performance, and feature quality. 

Whether you want to move your code to a new version, a different programming language, an operating system, or an entirely new platform, Infistack is your go-to partner. And we never mix it with your daily operations to allow you to run your business. With Infistack, you never have to worry about testing and optimization.

Database Migration

We understand how crucial data is to your organization. We use the best-in-market tools and comprehensive and structured frameworks to integrate and migrate from the source to the target database. Our expert application migration team follows a planned strategy, including everything from database schema conversion to testing and performance checks.

We ensure the security of your in-transit data and minimal downtime. You also enjoy an end-to-end process of impact assessment, a robust plan, and database migration. But our application migration service doesn’t end there. We also provide post-migration support and data optimization.

Operating system migration

If you want to move to a new operating system, Infistack can manage it for you. Before migration, we scrutinize the existing application, setup, operating system, and data. We check the operating system’s advanced features and compatibility with the environment. 

We ensure excellent performance and consistency of the business application with enhanced productivity, stability, and security. You also enjoy our application migration services’ high performance and minor maintenance costs.

Cloud migration

If you are new to the cloud ecosystem, Infistack experts are here to help you. We provide cost-effective, reliable, and secured migration from your data center to the cloud. We offer complete 360-degree cloud migration services. These services help businesses scale their data management system in the digital platform.

As your cloud application migration services provider, we create a strategy and roadmap after studying your business model and IT ecosystem. With the right cloud application migration consulting, you know what works best for you – public, private, or hybrid cloud. You enjoy more business value, better innovation, and high business growth prospects.

IT infrastructure migration

Our infrastructure migration includes on-premises to cloud and cloud-to-cloud migration. We study your requirements, assessment, organization structure, and IT architecture. Then we create automation strategies to smoothen the application performance for your customer experience. You also enjoy stringent testing, maintenance, and consistency checks. 

Our application migration consulting services consider the aspects of the following:

  • Studying your requirements
  • Planning the migration
  • Preparing the new infrastructure for the change
  • Making system adjustments
  • Migrating databases and media assets

Thus, we ensure infrastructure cost-saving and high productivity while recommending the best option.

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Application migration consulting expertise

Your IT infrastructure, assets, and ecosystem are unique to your business. They align with your business operations and satisfy your business goals. When you spot a misalignment or movement in the wrong direction, you must choose to migrate your applications to a new environment. It will line up with your business goals and generate more value from your IT infrastructure. 

This is where Infistack’s role becomes significant. Not only do we provide application migration services, but we also act as your application migration consulting partner. Our consulting expertise has helped many clients derive benefits from their IT infrastructure.

We understand your business and identify loopholes that need corrections. Based on this assessment, we provide customized cloud application migration consulting. You get a:

  • Well-prepared strategy and feasibility study
  • Recommendations for target migrations
  • Preparation and planning for app migration
  • Designed application migration and modernization
  • Complete handholding in migration and deployment
  • Post-migration support, optimization, and maintenance

Thus, our consulting services make moving from the existing IT environment to the newer one a smooth process. We check for compatibility with the technology architecture before migrating. Thus, Infistack’s application migration service:

  • Increases your business flexibility
  • Reduces IT costs
  • Achieves compliance with IT standards
  • Boosts data security
  • Scales your business

Why choose our cloud application migration services?

Infistack must be your first choice as an application migration service provider. By choosing us, you can seamlessly integrate your applications and data, and sync with other tools and software. And we guarantee increased efficiency, enhanced productivity, and streamlined operations. 

By choosing us, you get the following:

  • Industry-focused approach

  • Enhanced security

  • Minimized maintenance costs

  • High-performing and modernized solutions based on your business goals

  • 100% data security and IP protection

  • Lesser complexity and more smoothness in migration strategy

  • 24*7 online chat support and on-time maintenance

  • Partnership with the best platforms – Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure

  • High value with our application migration consulting services

  • Clarity on end-state objectives of application migration and modernization

  • Application audit before migration to assess features, integrations, architecture, and security

  • Our expertise in Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, Entertainment, Law Firms, Retail, eCommerce, Banking, and Finance sectors

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Our Process for Cloud Infrastructure and Application Migration Services

Infistack provides customized application migration and modernization services. We tailor relevant solutions by discussing and mapping the requirements with the strategies. We follow end-to-end approaches from planning to testing and deployment while migrating your existing application from one environment to another. Our end-to-end AWS application migration services include the following steps:

Planning and Assessment

Our team will thoroughly analyze your requirements, IT infrastructure, and the business ecosystem. We determine your business’s strategic, critical, relevant, and valuable applications. Now, we plan a migration strategy and a roadmap for the execution.

Design and Development

We develop and design a framework that aligns with your business requirements. We ensure that the planned infrastructure supports the standard policies of your business. It must be secure and growth-oriented. We also evaluate the application migration cost and timelines for its completion.

Installation, Upgrade, and Migration

We request documentation from our clients to create strategies for installation and migration. This might require re-coding, re-architecting, and iterations of migration. We also help you with any upgrades to the environment, code, or database solutions. We keep all the stakeholders informed about each step to keep everyone on the same platform.

Testing and Deployment

We scrutinize the existing solutions and environments to identify any flaws in them. We plan to deploy robust solutions and conduct their testing to correct the flaws. You also enjoy continuous maintenance, post-deployment support, and application optimization. 

We also analyze application performance to compare with the expected results. Database security is a crucial aspect that we assess for keeping your data and information confidential and safe. The follow-up post-migration is to ensure the successful and correct execution of migration.

Infistack- Best known for Cloud Application Migration Consulting

Consulting is a critical part of our cloud infrastructure and application migration services. Our developers have the proper skill set, experience, and knowledge of application migration consulting. We strive to boost your business efficiency with high-end stable security and reduced data loss. 

Our application migration consultants have expertise in several technologies and tools to make your business stand out. We help you with AWS, SQL, Oracle, Azure, and Google Cloud migrations. It enables seamless operations for your business and higher productivity. 

From application development and maintenance to application migration to cloud or other infrastructure, Infistack and the team provide comprehensive solutions for every business application and operating system. We have in-depth expertise and proficiency in providing ‘migration for all’ services. Thus, we seamlessly deploy the best solutions with our standard business practices to the suitable environment.


Application migration services FAQs

Application migration is the process of moving applications and their associated data from one operating environment to another, typically from older legacy systems to modern systems.

Application Migration Services help organizations modernize their IT infrastructure, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve scalability and performance.

The movement of an application from one computing environment to a new one is an application migration service. The application can be migrated between two data centers, clouds, or on-premises to the cloud. Alternatively, server migration means moving crucial data from one server to another.

Applications of all types and sizes can be migrated, including web applications, mobile apps, enterprise applications, and legacy systems.

Infistack uses a proven methodology to assess, plan, and execute application migration, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum reliability.

Our cloud application migration services start with application migration consulting. We assess your applications, IT environment, and business goals. Based on these assessments, we create an application migration strategy. Then we conduct a mock migration to test the alignment. 

After this, we design and develop the framework for the actual migration. Then we install, migrate, and deploy the applications to the new environment. The last step is post-migration support, maintenance, and upgrades.

Infistack has years of experience and a team of skilled professionals who are experts in application migration. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization we work with.

Infistack follows strict data security protocols during the Application Migration process. We use industry-standard encryption technologies and follow best practices for data protection to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of client data.

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