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Businesses have found new ways of transactions and interactions in the current world. They are seeking easy solutions and services for carrying out trade practices. B2B solutions help them in their operations and become the key to future growth. Infistack is one of the prominent B2B software companies in India. We provide custom B2B software solutions to help businesses with their customized needs. Infistack comes with the finest B2B solutions to make your enterprise stand out.

Our B2B software solutions are for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. These businesses can easily market and promote their products to the target customers using our solutions. Also, these B2B solutions facilitate selling to and connecting with your target customers. Our experienced and skilled B2B eCommerce software development services make all this possible.

Infistack holds expertise in developing the best B2B software solutions uniquely tailored for your business, keeping in mind its specific requirements. Such customisable B2B software empowers you to execute your growth strategy and succeed. These B2B solutions not only serve you but also help your clients in their operations.

What are the B2B Solutions we offer?

Infistack is a top-ranked B2B software company in India. We offer a range of B2B software solutions addressing critical concerns of businesses. Some of our solutions include:


Fleet management software

You can automate your fleet operations to ensure smooth running of vehicles. Infistack designs fleet management B2B solutions to help manage, access, and update fleet data from anywhere and anytime. It simplifies fleet data functions and tracks all information on your fleet.

The software also improves communication and coordination between vendors, drivers, fleet managers, admins, and others. Thus, you get an end-to-end automated process, which you can manage from anywhere. You can also set permissions for different team members and enable collaboration.


Online tracking software

We use a cloud-based B2B solution to keep track of shipments and orders. Our online tracking software enables easy to search and book shipping anytime over the internet. It enables rate comparison between different carriers of cargo.

You can track your shipments at every stage of its lifecycle, from dispatch to delivery. You can also set alerts to notify customers about the shipping package and returns. The software also has features for printing shipping labels, offering discounts, and calculating shipping costs.


Shipping Applications

Infistack’s B2B solutions offer an all-around application for effective searching, booking, and tracking of shipments. It also enables easy management of their fleet movements for customers knowledge. The application has history databases to search for past information of every shipment.

Our shipping application keeps you up-to-date on order status in shipment and delivery. Customers and sales representatives can receive timely notifications on shipment status. You even get proof of delivery, which is helpful in future transactions.


Education and Learning Applications

Infistack excels in designing quality learning applications to benefit students of all levels. Such apps store all learning materials in a large database to share with students and teachers. You can have the features of sharing notes, recording them, and exchanging information. You can enjoy benefits like attractive design, easy navigation, and interactive UI/UX.

Mentors of educational institutes have the ease of handling their courses and worksheets. Students have the options of video-based learning, interactive content, and live sessions. And learning using games and fun experiments is an attractive feature of our B2B solutions.


Property management applications

Our marketing software helps effective management of real estate and property sales. You can organize day-to-day functions and perform them as per the schedule. It aids property managers in effortless and skilful promotion and sale of properties.

You can stay up-to-date with your accounts, payments, expenses, ad report generation. Tracking maintenance of multiple properties gets easier with ticket generation and contractor listing. Such B2B solutions automate communications between property stakeholders to ease operations.


E-commerce Platforms

Infistack’s designers build standalone B2B software solutions to provide easy eCommerce transactions. These solutions also allow robust account management of clients for smooth processing. Such ecommerce platforms have user-friendly, intuitive interfaces for customers’ better experiences.

Our eCommerce platforms have the functionalities to manage products, orders, and returns. It has different payment processing methods and integrated tax calculations for easier compliance. You can also use several promotion and advertising strategies to market your products.

Worried about your B2B eCommerce software development process?

Don’t, when Infistack is here as your B2B software company partner. Connect with our software developers for quality B2B solutions.

Challenges Companies Face During B2B Software Development

The B2B software development process might face challenges if you do not care for it. It needs proper monitoring to remain on track and provide B2B solutions as per the client’s needs. You may face the following roadblocks during the B2B solution development process:

Checking the solution feasibility

Conducting proper research and analysis of the client’s needs before development are essential. If not, you may never know whether the recommended B2B solution is feasible. You must justify the solution to the client requirements, technology ecosystem, and future growth strategy.

Absence of prototyping

Developing a B2B solution prototype after the planning and design stages is necessary. Making a prototype and wireframing the solution gives a better idea of its features. You can also check the primary functionalities to test the solution’s viability.

Testing the B2B solution

Frequent testing of the B2B solution during the development phase ensures quality. It is a big challenge for developers to identify all possible bugs and defects and remove them. If not conducted properly, you may miss a few flaws affecting the final solution quality.

Choosing the right B2B solution

Selecting the right technology solution is crucial to achieving your strategic goals. You must use the right technology stack, tools, and platforms to develop appropriate B2B solutions. These solutions must integrate well with the existing technology ecosystem and be customizable.

Security and data integrity

Adequate data integrity and security measures are challenging in B2B solution development. While developing B2B software solutions, you must be careful of data transfer from one system to another. A disaster recovery plan that includes dealing with data breaches and cybersecurity attacks is essential.

Our Expertise as a B2B Software Company

As a prominent B2B software company, we aim to provide personalized experiences to businesses. Our B2B software development services leverage technology and data to achieve customer goals. Whatever your business needs be, our B2B solutions tailor-make your solutions.

We know that packaged solutions do not meet B2B businesses’ needs entirely. So, we offer custom B2B software solutions to address your specific needs and expectations. Our expertise lies in serving several industries, including:

  • Health and fitness
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Ecommerce
  • Music and entertainment
  • Non-profit
  • Automotive
  • Finance and banking
  • Telecom
  • Travel
  • Food and drink
  • Education
  • Real estate
  • And many more

Also, our B2B software solutions work on any device, including tablets, iPads, and mobiles. The operating system can be Android, Windows, iOS, or cross-operating system. With years of experience and a proven track record, you can trust us as the most reliable B2B software company.  

Our specialties making us one of the most trusted B2B software companies include:

  • Proper analysis of client requirements
  • A careful buildup of the project scope to address all requirements
  • Recommendation of the best strategic solution
  • Usage of the world-class technology stack and tools for B2B software solutions
  • On-time delivery of B2B solutions
  • Transparency during the project lifecycle
  • Timely response to client queries
  • 24*7 support during the project lifecycle
  • Customized solutions to generate higher value for clients
  • Adjustments, modifications, and upgradations according to the needs

With Infistack as your B2B eCommerce software development company, you can enjoy the following features and functionalities in your B2B solutions:

  • Bulk pricing options for your software requirements
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Permissions and accessibility
  • Shipping and delivery solutions
  • Analytics and reporting features
  • User-friendly interface and experience
  • Admin system for your management and control

Why choose Infistack over other B2B software companies?

Infistack is a B2B software company providing expert B2B solutions to clients worldwide. Infistack has years of experience providing the best solutions for your B2B business. We ensure our professionals understand the needs and requirements of your business. It helps us to come up with the best and most personalized solutions.

We furnish you with an array of customization options you can choose from for your business. Our satisfied clientele speaks highly of our expertise in enriching B2B businesses with high-tech solutions. Infistack ensures our team covers all your demands to give you the best experience of working with us.

We help you cater to your clients with the best-performing B2B software solutions. Our B2B business solutions and applications benefit all your client segments- consumers, businesses, and enterprises.


Infistack makes expert B2B solutions compatible with a wide variety of platforms. So whatever platforms your customers use, our B2B solutions are compatible with them. We develop these scalable and secure applications keeping in mind their daily usage by customers over the globe.


We develop applications for your business to enhance inter-departmental communication. This leads to better coordination and collaboration with teams and departments. The end result is more ease of work for employees and instant and accurate information availability to draw insights.


We develop applications enterprises keeping in mind their current systems and scenarios. Infistack creates blueprints that facilitate and simplify IT frameworks, improving enterprises. You get customized B2B solutions to align with your strategic goals.

Bring a real change to your operations with Infistack’s B2B software solutions.

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What do our Clients have to say about us?

These client testimonies are straight from the horse’s mouth. We do not claim to be great in our service offerings, our clients do. Here are some of them:

B2B software development services FAQs

B2B software solutions are software products or services built to meet the specific needs of businesses or organizations. These solutions are designed to improve business processes for increased efficiency. These solutions lead to streamlined and automated workflows, increasing your productivity.

Enterprise software development is the process of creating software products or services for large businesses or organizations. These solutions are designed to be scalable, customizable, and secure. We customize them to meet the enterprise’s specific needs for effective results.

Yes, Infistack offers custom B2B eCommerce software development services. The company has experience building custom software solutions for businesses across a range of industries. We stay committed to the B2B community through our B2B software solutions.

B2B web application development is the process of creating web-based software solutions for businesses or organizations. These applications are designed to be accessible over the internet. Such B2B solutions can streamline business processes and improve efficiency.

Yes, Infistack is one of India’s leading B2B software companies. The company provides a range of custom B2B software development services for businesses. These include B2B software solutions, enterprise software development, and B2B eCommerce software development.

Working with a B2B eCommerce software development company like Infistack can provide a range of benefits for businesses. These include:

  • Access to experienced and skilled software developers
  • Availability of customized designing and development services for custom software solutions
  • Complete focus on your specific needs to tailor B2B solutions
  • Access to a range of technologies and platforms for effective solutions
  • Assurance of efficient, scalable, and secure B2B solutions

Yes, Infistack provides enterprise application development services. The company has experience building custom solutions for large organizations. We help design and develop enterprise-level software applications.

Business software consulting refers to the process of working with a consulting firm to identify and implement software solutions. These help businesses streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Infistack offers business software consulting services to help businesses identify their software needs and design and develop custom solutions.

The four types of B2B are:

  • Producers (they buy goods and services to convert them into other goods and services)
  • Resellers (they buy goods and services from other vendors and sell them without changing them)
  • Governments (Government buys from contractors to supply services to citizens)
  • Institutions (Schools, colleges, charities, etc., buy goods and services to offer them to others)
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