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Salesforce Managed Services

Manage your operations and scale your business effectively with Salesforce managed services

You already have a Salesforce solution implemented in your IT environment. The integrated CRM platform to track your customer engagement and related data. But if you do not maintain it well or cannot extract its maximum benefits, it’s of no use. This is where Salesforce managed services come into the picture.

Infistack is a top-notch provider of managed Salesforce services in India. We serve our clients with a wide range of Salesforce services on the cloud for effective use. We align these services with your business requirements for maximum benefits. Our Salesforce managed services include:

  • Salesforce implementation services
  • Salesforce development services
  • Salesforce cloud services
  • Salesforce integration services
  • Salesforce customization services
  • Salesforce support services
  • Salesforce application development services

So, connect with us for all your Salesforce needs. Our services lead to:

  • Reduced IT costs
  • Best use of the Salesforce products
  • Proper management of customer data
  • More focus on strategic growth
  • Better management of operational tasks

Our Complete Array of Managed Salesforce Services

Want to extend your Salesforce’s capabilities? Or manage them better? Or get complete support for them? All these are possible through our Salesforce managed services. We provide the following services to clients like you:

Salesforce consulting services

Our Salesforce consulting services include assessing your needs before recommending the Salesforce solution. We analyze your business, products and services, and customer touch points. We identify loopholes in customer relationships, interactions, support services, and engagement. Based on these, we recommend a Salesforce solution with relevant features and functionalities necessary for your business.

We also extend our consultation after the implementation of Salesforce. We suggest improvements, upgrades, and feature additions to align with your business processes. Also, when your customers or their needs change, we modify the solution to suit the evolving customer dynamics. Thus, our consulting services help you generate most value from the Salesforce solution.

Salesforce implementation services

Implementing the Salesforce solution in your IT environment is crucial. It needs proper guidance, expertise, and comprehensive care. Our Salesforce implementation services ensure end-to-end implementation of your Salesforce products. We also add and integrate other plugins, extensions, and modules to make it customized, feature-rich, and capability-endowed.

Salesforce development services

Our Salesforce development services include developing sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, and other solutions. The various kinds of Salesforce products help you improve your business ROI.

Salesforce integration services

When you wish to improve your Salesforce solution’s capabilities, adding more modules helps. Our salesforce managed services integration include integrating it with plugins, widgets, and modules to give you more capabilities. We use the best third-party systems to improve your users’ experience. Your processes become better, functions become more capable, and performance improves.

Salesforce customization services

You can get Salesforce solutions per your needs with our Salesforce customization services. Be it customization of layout, workflows, user interface, or dashboards, you can get what you need. Such customization of Salesforce solutions gives you more aligned products, leading to the achievement of goals.

Salesforce support services

Your Salesforce solution is performing its work as expected. But you must maintain it, check its performance and security, and add more features. Our Salesforce support services include all these to improve your solution and make it more functional. We provide the following support services:

  • We watch your performance and take corrective actions
  • We update security
  • We add more features
  • We identify and fix bugs
  • We conduct regular administration tasks
  • We provide training to end users
  • We provide constant support to users requiring support in the use of the solution

Thus, you get high-performing solutions personalized to your business needs.

Salesforce application development services

Do you need custom applications for your business? You get it through our Salesforce application development services. Our applications are robust, intelligent, visually appealing, and secure. These apps help you perform a specific task or resolve a query/problem. Thus, you get the regular features and custom capabilities to make your operations unique and results-oriented.

Adopt our Salesforce managed services for effective handling of critical scenarios.

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Our reputation for delivering top-notch Salesforce Development Services

Infistack is a leading provider of all kinds of Salesforce support services. We provide the right skills for your solution to guarantee improved performance. Thus, every aspect of your Salesforce solution gets full attention for updates. These updates result in consistent excellent performance.

Our top-notch Salesforce development services are popular for the following reasons:

  • You can find Salesforce managed services for different products, including Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Financial Services Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Salesforce Chatter. This shows our deep expertise in Salesforce-specific services.
  • We have an expert team of Salesforce professionals. The team includes business analysts, engineers, consultants, advisors, developers, and IT specialists. They have relevant Salesforce skills and certifications, and experience working with several clients. So, they are capable of handling your specific and unique requirements.
  • We have the expertise to diagnose the problem. If you need to revamp your entire ecosystem, so be it; we handle that. If you need specific services for implementation, integration, customization, or development, we have the expertise. Or, if you need only maintenance and support services, our expert team can work with you on that task.
  • We consider all the factors before recommending the Salesforce solution and services. You can see the solution exactly fits your needs and your strategic roadmap. Thus, you’ll never find anything out of place in our Salesforce managed services.
  • You can see our expertise in our existing Salesforce clients in different industry verticals. We understand its best use in different sectors to ensure maximum benefits. So, if you are in the phase of growth, directional change, or problematic scenarios, you can trust our managed Salesforce services.
  • Not only do you receive problem-specific services, but also ongoing support and maintenance. We are a trusted Salesforce partner providing end-to-end services for your Salesforce journey.
  • We commit to customer satisfaction. That is why we always focus on maximizing your Salesforce solution’s benefits. Our Salesforce managed services ensure the most efficient performance of the solution, leading to high ROI.

Reasons to Consider Salesforce Application Development Services

Salesforce is an integrated CRM solution with several capabilities in CRM. It helps improve your business’s sales, services, and marketing activities. The platform is a great solution:

  • To automate your operations
  • To address your customers’ concerns
  • To improve customer services
  • To use custom marketing strategies to increase sales
  • To enhance shopping experiences

You need Salesforce managed services for effective management and use of the solution. You must consider Salesforce cloud services because they offer the following benefits:

Up-to-date solution

Salesforce managed services include continuous updates for your solution. These updates result in better performance, improved security, and high solution functionality. These updates let you detect issues or loopholes and correct them quickly.


Managed Salesforce services allow solution scalability. You need it when a change in business needs leads to a change in goals, vision, and processes. Thus, you can adjust the Salesforce solution’s capabilities when business requirements change. You can add new functionalities. Or, integrate new modules. Or, add new users.

Cost savings

With managed Salesforce services, you do not need dedicated in-house resources. You save your recruiting, onboarding, training, retention, and related infrastructure costs. Thus, you have more money to spend, which you can use for more strategic tasks. Also, Salesforce managed services are available at flexible pricing models, allowing you to choose per your needs.

Improved data management

Data cleansing, migration, and management become easier with Salesforce cloud services. You can create more customized reports and dashboards, generating more insights. These lead you to better and faster decisions for business growth.

Aligned with business goals

With Salesforce services for the cloud, it is possible to optimize your solution’s performance. You can add more features, integrate modules, and customize workflows. Thus, you can tailor the solution to your needs and strategic goals.

Best use of the Salesforce solution

When you partner with a Salesforce managed services provider, you can expect a higher ROI from your solution. It is a way to onboard pure expertise in Salesforce. The team can help you with every kind of support to harness all benefits from the Salesforce solution. They have up-to-date knowledge of industry trends, best practices, and Salesforce capabilities. Thus, you receive enhanced expertise and specialized skills to use the solution.

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End-to-end Process for Salesforce Development Services

As a distinguished salesforce managed services provider, we adopt a simple approach. We take a proactive approach to making your Salesforce solution perform to its greatest potential. Not only does it perform better, but you also find new capabilities and functionalities to make your operations smoother.

Our Salesforce development services follow the following steps:


We start with consulting and strategizing. We understand your existing Salesforce products. We study your operations, Salesforce capabilities, and loopholes you want to fill. Based on this assessment, we list the managed Salesforce services you need.


Now, we design the execution of these Salesforce support services for your business. We incorporate IT best practices, market trends, and quality standards for effective change. We ensure our managed services fit your goals, end-user requirements, and business value proposition.


We execute our Salesforce managed services per the plan. We follow the timelines, costs, and resources per the plan. We keep you up-to-date at every stage of the project execution. You can check the change in performance of your Salesforce solution, leading to improved results.

Infistack- The company that delivers superior Salesforce Managed Services

Future transformations using the Salesforce solution are possible if it is up-to-date and maintained well. This is what we do with our Salesforce managed services. We keep your solution secure, updated, endowed with features, and integrated with functionalities. These efforts lead to maximized value from your Salesforce investments.

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With managed Salesforce services, you do not have to wait for issues to crop up. We take a proactive approach to enhance your Salesforce solution and align it with your business needs. It is a part of change management. We just don’t fix bugs. We train your users, improve the solution, and plan more goal-specific enhancements.

You also get to see how your Salesforce solution can perform more functionalities. You just have to ask us. We add more features, integrate with plugins or modules, and customize your solution. The result makes sense for your business. It aligns with your goals. It generates revenue for your business.

Besides all these, our Salesforce services in the cloud include predictive maintenance. We predict the failure of your solution based on its routine operations. And then, we provide maintenance services before the actual failure to avoid downtime or the occurrence of the issue. Thus, we maintain the app’s stable performance with constant maintenance and updates.

So, don’t wait any more. Contact us, and let’s assess your Salesforce solution and services requirements.


Salesforce integration services FAQs

Managed services in Salesforce enable daily management and administration of the Salesforce solution. You can get all kinds of support services under Salesforce services for the cloud. You get:

  • Effective management of the solution
  • Improvements in features and functionalities
  • Support to users in the solution use

Thus, you can manage the working of the Salesforce solution most effectively through Salesforce managed services.

Salesforce implementation services are the end-to-end services that enable the implementation of the solution in your IT environment. This can include consulting, development, customization, integration, installation, and support. These services ensure the Salesforce solution is in the right place and performs as expected.

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