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Digital Payment Solutions

Cash is king; but not anymore, because digital cash is the king of kings. People are using UPI to make payments to local stores as well as online transactions. This is because it is convenient, more secured, allows easy payment tracking, and is hassle-free. With all these benefits, who would not want to adopt a digital payment solution and make life easier?

Infistack is one of the most trusted payment solution companies in India. We leverage the most advanced technologies to provide smooth solutions to our clients. We have been consistently providing a range of online payment solutions to our clients to address their payment processing needs.

Infistack is a payment solution provider with a global presence. We provide innovative, client-specific, and secure payment solutions online. We facilitate the effective receipt and transfer of funds from the source to the destination.

Our Digital Payment Solutions

Infistack’s digital payment solutions address the evolving needs of its customers. We empower businesses with end-to-end online payment solutions to generate value for them. Our robust infrastructure, technological know-how, and commitment to value makes this possible.

Our payment solutions in the online form include the following:

POS solutions

We provide customized POS solutions to our clients in several domains. Our expert POS solutions include smart terminals, POS software, and credit card terminals for accepting payments. With Infistack, you get the guarantee of innovativeness, convenience, and security.

Payment gateways

As one of the leading payment solution companies, we also provide various payment gateway options. Our expertise lies in the provision of mature payment gateway technology combined with years of experience in this field. This capability allows you to process infinite transactions from low to high value in an instant with no security concerns.

Contactless payments

If you desire a contactless payment experience for your customers, Infistack can work it for you. Our experience as a payment solution provider includes providing several contactless payment methods like the following:

  • Mobile orders
  • Tap-and-go cards
  • In-app payments
  • Mobiles wallets

Thus, we ensure a fast and easy checkout process for customers who prefer no-contact payments. These methods also ensure proper safety and security from data breaches and fraud incidents.

Online payment solutions

Why do you have to worry about how to receive payments online when Infistack is here to handle it? We facilitate your business’s payment acceptance by developing e-commerce payment solutions, digital wallets, and mobile in-app payments. We ensure security, flexible integration with other applications, and a single payment system.

Besides these payment solutions online, we also provide state-of-the-art security solutions for your payment systems. We ensure encryption, tokenization, authentication, and compliance with relevant standards. We also add value to your business payment transactions by reducing fraud and chargebacks. Thus, we optimize your payment systems to reduce costs and make services smoother.

Our digital payment solutions are also equipped with reporting and analytics features. You can analyze data, create internal reports, and derive insights to make informed decisions. Thus, our customized payment solutions and services help you optimize your business operations.

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Benefits of online payment solutions

Infistack provides state-of-the-art online payment solutions that make your payment processing faster. Once your payment processing is settled, you can focus on your core business and customer demands. That is why we ensure that your business receives all the benefits of expert digital payment solutions.

online payment solutions

The following are the benefits of digital payment solutions:

  • Instant payment from anywhere in the world with no location and time constraints.
  • A convenient experience for making and receiving payments.
  • Helps avoid contact, leading to lesser queuing at shops and quicker transactions.
  • More secure because of tokenization, encryption, and other features.
  • Faster client onboarding, leading to more time spent on strategic initiatives.
  • Better monitoring of transactions to generate reports and analyze transactions.
  • Allows global reach of your business.
  • Easy to install and set online payment systems and operate them.
  • Gives a variety of payment options to choose from.

Our expertise as a payment solution provider

As one of the most credible payment solution companies, Infistack provides customized solutions globally. We resolve your payment processing concerns with innovative and secure digital payment solutions. We help you provide better payment experiences to your customers, leading to higher sales and conversions.

As a payment solution provider, our expertise lies in the following:

  • We believe in delivering customer value and are committed to it throughout the project.
  • Our developers have extensive knowledge and expertise in building payment solutions online.
  • We keep exploring new areas of growth and move beyond our capabilities to satisfy our customers.
  • We use state-of-the-art technology platforms to develop various custom payment solutions and support seamless integration.
  • Our seasoned payment professionals have years of experience in building technology solutions.
  • We pay special attention to the security, safety, and compliance of our digital payment solutions.
  • We maintain a thorough and fair discussion with the client’s internal team to reach a conclusion to the solution’s features.
  • Our customer services team is available 24/7/365 to address your concerns and answer your queries.

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Payment solutions online services FAQs

Online payment solutions are systems that allow you to pay and receive money online. The transfer of money happens from one party’s credit card, debit card, bank account, or UPI account to another.

Yes, Infistack offers custom digital payment solutions to clients in varied sectors. We understand your needs, brainstorm the features with you, and develop solutions specific to your needs. These solutions are secure, accurate, and scalable.

Infistack is one of the prominent payment solution companies in India. We design and develop PCI-compliant and secure online payment solutions. Since we facilitate omnichannel payment processing for our clients, they trust us.

We follow a simple process of attending to the payment processing needs of our clients. We sit with them to identify their requirements. We interview the relevant stakeholders for a better analysis of requirements. Based on these, we prepare a technical specification document, followed by a prototype. Based on the feedback, we prepare the final online payment solution, test it, and launch it.

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