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Chatbot Development Services

Drive conversion and solves customer queries with our chatbot development services.

Infistack is a top chatbot development company in India. One of the major parts of company resources goes for conversion and support. However, instead of putting human resources to work, we can create a chatbot that can cater to all kinds of customer queries.  

Not only that, we use advanced-level techniques to ensure “human-like interaction.” Usually, people lose engagement when there’s a machine on the other side. But, when it is created with keeping ease of use in mind, it helps to give better and quicker solutions to problems.

We have experience in creating chatbots for multiple business sectors. For instance, we created chatbots for medical equipment websites, real estate, and many more. We understand your business and create different queries customers have. Based on that, we generate responses that can solve the issues. Hire chatbot developers from Infistack and get your custom chatbot developed!

Chatbots can cater to most problems, but if there’s any specific requirement or query that’s new to the business, we can merge it with human support or email communication. Offer a premium experience to your customers, integrate a chatbot service on your website!

With the advancement in artificial intelligence, our AI chatbot development services create chatbots that can understand human emotions and respond accordingly. This helps you to provide meaningful responses without human involvement.

Besides that, we deploy the chatbot on all the platforms so that no customer goes uncatered. Whether it’s a website or a mobile app, our chatbot will successfully assist customers.

Chatbots Development

Learn About Our Chatbot Development Service

Check all our app development services and choose the one that suits your requirements. Our chatbot development company offers chatbot development for all platforms without compromising the response quality and engagement level.

Website Chatbot Development Service

Website is one of the top engagement points. Customers visit your website to gain knowledge about your business and products. That time you must be present to answer the queries as it helps to convert them rapidly. However, it's costly to keep humans to assist all the visitors. That's where our AI chatbot development company comes into the picture. We create highly interactive chatbots for websites that provide personalised answers.

Social Media Chatbot Creation

Another major point of interaction is social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Similar to the website, it's not possible to provide instant human assistance on these platforms. With the support of our chatbot development company, you'll have your chatbots in the right place. From whichever social media platform your visitors contact you, they won't go unattended. Besides solving the queries, we ensure taking customer information so that it also helps in conversion.

E-commerce Customer Service Chatbot Development

E-commerce stores need to provide assistance to customers all the time. Whether it's related to finding a product or payment issues, there are numerous instances when customers need help. That time, the chatbot is the best solution. We create a step-by-step chatbot where the user first selects the type of query and go forward with explaining the problem in detail. The chatbot directly fetches the answer from internal data, or we can even link it to the self-help section.

Mobile App Chatbot Development Service

Whether it's an e-commerce website or a service company, mobile applications are required for different purposes. For instance, you created mobile apps for selling products, customer engagement, etc. Now, these mobile apps may face some trouble, or customers need support. That's why mobile app chatbots are necessary, and so you must leverage our AI chatbot development services for both Android and iOS.

Chatbots Development for Internal Management

Our chatbot development agency has identified that employees and management spend a significant amount of time in communication that one can automate. For instance, implementing a chatbot for product management makes it effortless to convey requirements, take follow-ups, etc. Besides that, we can also set up a chatbot for employees that can solve their queries.

Custom Chatbot Development Services

Every business has its specific business model, according to which we develop the chatbot. Many chatbot development companies implement a fixed chatbot design with a few edits and reduce their effort. However, those chatbots are inefficient because they don't align with your business model. Because of that, customers don't get the exact answer they were looking for, leading to frustration and loss of engagement. Therefore, when you deal with us, we will create chatbots from scratch, perfectly aligning with your business.

Enterprise Chatbot Development Service

It's important that the chatbot has the capability to handle numerous visitors and manage their queries and chatbot feedback. It helps to improve chatbot responses, which is important for enterprises. Our chatbot development service also ensures that the chatbot goes along with the enterprise's branding.

Advanced-Level Chatbot Development to Uplift Customer Engagement

Contact our chatbot development company and get the best quality chatbot for all your communication channels.

Industries we Serve as a Chatbot Development Company

Real Estate
Information Technology
Banking and Finance

Why Leverage Infistack's AI Chatbot Development Services?

Purpose-Based Reply

Our chatbots allow natural language processing to comprehend the context of a conversation. It can also identify intent-based questions, which is one of the most important aspects of chatbots, and can provide rapid answers and options to clarify the intent of the client.

Conversational AI

Our chatbots have advanced conversational qualities, from simple greetings to complex questions. Our natural language and machine language processing is equipped with advanced technologies.

Channel Autonomous

Our chatbots can be leveraged for all types of communication platform, from your firm's iOS and Android mobile apps to social media platform chatbots. Put your chatbots on all platforms from where you can interact with your customers. It'll make sure that you won't miss engaging with any of your customers.

Conception Analysis

Our chatbots are equipped with AI that can detect the emotions and tone of the conversation, understand the opinions of the user, and respond appropriately and formally. It will help you to provide human-like responses, improving the level of engagement.

Multilingual Features

Our chatbots are equipped with a wide variety of languages which helps your firm connect to worldwide customers and make them comfortable by reaching out to them in their native languages. This increases your customer base, connecting a lot of users around the globe and thus enhancing your business.

Secure Customer Dealings

Our chatbots ensure industry-level security. We maintain our privacy from both sides. The data provided by the customers is kept safe and secure. Also, the data and information of the firm are kept protected and are only accessible by the moderators. Our chatbots are truly designed for secure transactions and retail.

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Leverage AI technology and maximize user engagement through chatbots.

Transparent Process for Chatbot App Development Services

Our chatbot app development company follows a step-by-step process for creating your chatbot. It ensures that everything goes as expected within the specific deadline decided. Check out the steps mentioned below:

Understanding the Business Model

It's essential for us to go through your products and services before creating the chatbot. Besides that, we also understand the tone and level of informality that you prefer while communicating with your customers.

Analysing the Channels

There are multiple channels through which your customers can interact with you. For different channels, queries could be different. Therefore, we analyse the channels and create the chatbot accordingly.

Going Through Audience and Existing Conversations

Our chatbot development company puts its focus on the audience, their age group, gender, etc. We also go through existing conversations to understand what would be the best responses. This ensures that the interaction remains favourable to the customers.

Developing the Chatbot

After gathering all the data, we start working on developing the chatbot. We ensure keeping multiple steps in the conversation so that the customer doesn't get overwhelmed. Besides that, it helps the business to put customer queries in specific sections.

Testing the Chatbot

After chatbot development is done, it's time to do the testing. We do the chatbot for every channel one by one by putting different queries and checking if the chatbot provides the expected response or not. If any response doesn't align with the query, we make the required changes.

Implementing the Chatbot

The last step is the implementation. When the chatbot is ready, we place it on every channel and again test it. We also go through the real user queries and problems and how the chatbot performs to cater to them.

Infistack- Professional Chatbot App Development Company

Infistack is one of the top AI chatbot development services providers that create chatbots for all channels, including websites, social media, etc. We have experience creating chatbots for different sectors, including healthcare, finance, banking, pharmaceutical, and many more. Therefore, whichever sector your business is in, we know how to deliver the chatbots and implement them in different channels.

If you require post-chatbot development services, then Infistack can help you with that too. After the development, we can provide human resources that can continuously monitor the queries and chatbots. Based on the analysis, we can further improve the chatbots and elevate engagement. 

  • Infistack is a one-stop solution for all your chatbot development requirements.
  • Our customer-centric chatbot development company ensures business-aligned chatbots. 
  • We have experience in creating chatbots for different sectors and different channels. 
  • Our talented chatbot developers will take care of every minute detail, ensuring high customer engagement.
Our Technological Superiority
Microsoft Azure

We specialize in developing chatbots under the Microsoft Azure framework. We build, program, and deploy our intelligent chatbots that provides speech recognition, language understanding, and smooth conversations with the users. This comes along with easy testing and smooth bringing into action.

IBM Watson

Our team programs and optimizes advanced chatbots in the IBM Watson environment. This is characterized by automated responses and options, data discovery, and natural language recognition to create the chatbots.

Dialog flow

Infistack specializes in end-to-end encrypted development atmosphere to build the interfaces of chatbots designed for the web, IoT devices, smartphone applications, and social media platforms.

Facebook bot

Facebook messenger is one of the most used social media platforms. Chatbot development in this platform is a prospective idea and helps engage a lot of clients. The Facebook bot allows employing features and options to build an individualized experience on the platform.


Chatfuel is a platform where a chatbot can be plotted and developed without any programming language and deployed on the Facebook Messenger platform. Your business is bound to flourish with higher user engagement rates.

Amazon Lex

Chatbot development with Amazon Lex aids us to build conversational platforms with rich features and language detection methods.

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These client testimonies are straight from the horse’s mouth. We do not claim to be great in our service offerings, our clients do. Here are some of them:

Chatbot Development Services FAQs

The cost of chatbot development depends on several factors: business model, type of channels, complexity, and customization.

Chatbot development is the process of creating a chatbot and replacing it in place of humans to interact with customers and prospects.

Chatbot is a computer program that is designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the internet.

Chatbots can be used to automate customer service and support, improve lead generation and sales, and streamline business processes, among other things. They can also help businesses save time and money by reducing the need for human intervention.

Chatbots can be used in various industries, including healthcare, retail, banking, e-commerce, and customer service.

We develop both rule-based and AI-powered chatbots depending on the client’s requirements.

We use platforms like Dialog Flow, IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, and Microsoft Bot Framework for chatbot development.

Yes, we can integrate chatbots with existing systems such as CRM, ERP, and others.

The time required to develop a chatbot depends on its complexity, the features required, and the platform used. We will provide an estimated timeline after understanding the requirements.

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