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Delivering rich B2C software solutions to enhance business profitability!

When you have a business-to-customer model of your company where you bypass all middlemen and sell products directly to your customers, all you need is expert software and application development to enhance and kick start your business to its full potential.

Infistack is a leading company providing B2C solutions designed for your firm that will enhance and transform your business at full pace!

Infistack aids global companies and start-ups by furnishing them with B2C solutions and applications. These include CRMs, e-commerce applications, and numerous others to add to the list. Infistack is backed up by experts and professionals who design top-notch schemes uniquely tailored for your business!

Our B2C business solutions

Hospitality Operations

Infistack designs cloud-based applications for easy traceability and tracking of interest in the hospitality industry enabling advanced options of menu ordering, service quality assessments, and feedback mechanism.

School management

Infistack designs and develops online classrooms equipped with advanced features for homework management, and easier classes and is perfect for private or public schooling.


Infistack's B2C applications can be designed for fitness and wellness industries with advanced metrics for tracking progress, recording workouts, and planning meals.

Retail POS solutions

Our applications provide pertinent solutions for increasing customer engagement with advanced metrics of consumer behaviour, popular products and services, and ideal strategies for discounting and the like.

Why is Infistack the ultimate resort for businesses that aim BIG?

When it comes to B2B solutions, Infistack comes with years of experience and sharp skills in deploying the best solutions and designing robust, scalable, and multifunctional applications. Our team takes time to analyze and examine your business to find out its requirements and necessities, and to design applications that are best suited for the atmosphere. Our team of technicians has immense experience in providing top-notch B2C applications that help personalize your business and drag it up the steps towards success.

Our expertise in the field is further cemented by our base of satisfied clients who speak about their experience with us. Infistack makes sure to meet all of your demands to aid your business in spreading its wings and soaring across the sky.

We ensure that your clients get the best experience with our high-tech applications.

Infistack’s B2C business solutions and applications extensively benefit all your client segments- consumers, businesses, and enterprises.


When it comes to application designing for consumers, Infistack extends its expertise over mobile frameworks integrated with business policies and systems that help simplify IT procedures and user experience since these applications would be used full-time and globally.


Infistack plans out business requirements and enables prompt response and adaptation to changes. We create applications for your business for boosting interdepartmental information transfer, hence, emphasizing and mobilizing operations.


Applications developed for enterprises are made highly robust and scalable, enabling enterprises to promote their brand name along with catering to all the demands of an enterprise.

What do our Clients have to say about us?

These client testimonies are straight from the horse’s mouth. We do not claim to be great in our service offerings, our clients do. Here are some of them:

Our Clients

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