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Infistack is a product MVP development company that offers services that help you generate a great product with the most basic features and functionalities, all within a rapid development period.

Infistack has gained a reputation for being one of the leading companies that provide its clients with a series of successful Product MVPs. Our significant experience and minimum viable product development services enable our clients to create bare minimum software functions and features within a rapid development period. In addition, we provide novel solutions keeping in mind shifting market variables and industry standards to deliver a product that caters exclusively to the needs of your business!

MVP Development Company

Services We Offer You

Single Feature MVP

If you can capitalize on a single feature chance, adding more features will neither be necessary nor significantly alter the reception of your product. The goal here is to narrow down the particular feature that will grab your early customers' attention and stand out. This approach is used for building a website or an app where the focus is on building an optimal solution for a specific problem.

Pilot MVP Development

Entrepreneurs generally need to identify the test market or the pilot customer and build and deploy a usable product version. This approach involves developing the first basic version of the quick and easy-to-produce product and ready to be deployed. This process usually takes about three to five months, and the key elements are a great use of time and speed!

Prototype Design/Development

Clients usually require a well-functioning prototype that can be displayed before potential customers and investors.


We are happy to provide technology and business analysis as well as a project development strategy. Consulting with us will also brief you on the project requirements and feature personalization and give you a good time and effort estimate.


How We Construct an MVP

Our expert team of consultants and architects provides you with the best solutions for your MVP strategy.

Organize a Workshop with The Stakeholders

This is the first stage in developing the MVP. Here we are focused on brainstorming to understand the objective of the project. We then perform an in-depth business analysis that includes competition analysis and SWOT analysis, followed by the requirements for the specific MVP. This stage is followed by establishing a go-to-market strategy and the business model.

Initiate Technical Analysis

The insights that we have collected help us narrow down specific features of the MVP and help us identify potential technical challenges (if there are any). The approach aids us with an evaluation of the platforms, technologies, and tools to be used and consulted.

Create Blueprints and Prototypes

Here, the purpose is to identify and create a user persona and identify the use-cases and feature flow. We also prepare wireframes and pixel-perfect visual mockups.

Functional Specification Document

This refers to a document that elaborates on the prototype findings, technical decisions, and architecture. As an MVP development agency, we want to design easy-to-use, convenient and attractive interfaces that cover the interaction we intend to test in the MVP, followed by drawing a tentative roadmap that will guide the implementation and planning for various milestones.

Developing the MVP

This phase includes developing an environment setup, and test builds with intermediate milestones. The primary aim of this stage is to get feedback from the stakeholders by testing the functionality, integration, usability, and analytics integration.


A pre-launch checklist is drawn up, and the production is deployed. If the product is a mobile app, then this means marketplace submission. The MVP is tested on actual devices, and real users gain feedback and insight. Finally, any good MVP is marked by continuous improvement by understanding the requirements and changes in the clientele. Building an MVP with necessary features can be a tactical decision at first, but it is important to keep sight of future possibilities. This fact ensures that your final product will perform as expected.


How Building an MVP Serves You

  1. Building an MVP allows you to build and quickly deploy a product with sufficient features to approach the target audience and allows end-users to start using your product sooner. As a result, you are assured that your product will grow as you get more inputs.
  2. Following this strategy ensures that the market has well accepted your concept before you invest more money and resources. If you have a limited budget this way, you can still find a way to succeed in the market.
  3. This way, your business will rapidly grow, and you can maximize your returns on the product idea.
Let’s Work Together to Build a Great MVP!

Our team helps you maximize the input you receive on your product idea within a short time. We are committed to helping you create a durable MVP Product development strategy where your creativity has enough space to flourish!

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Frequently Asked Questions

An MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, which is a product development strategy where a product is developed with only essential features to validate a business idea, test assumptions, and gather feedback from early adopters.

An MVP helps to test the market, validate product-market fit, and mitigate risks associated with launching a full-fledged product without understanding customer needs and preferences.

MVP development companies offer services like market research, product design, development, testing, and deployment, to help startups build and launch their MVPs quickly and cost-effectively.

An MVP development agency can help your startup build an MVP from scratch, including designing a product concept, building a minimum viable product, conducting user testing, and refining the product based on feedback.

The time it takes to develop an MVP depends on the complexity of the product, the features included in the MVP, and the resources available. Typically, it takes 3-6 months to develop an MVP.

The cost of developing an MVP varies based on the complexity of the product, the features included in the MVP, and the development resources needed. An MVP can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop, depending on the project scope."

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